The Bracebridge Luxury Cabin / Bunkie

The Bracebridge

14' x 10' 6" - 147 sqft

Base Price $12,980

Sold Out!
Potential Re-Stock Spring 2024
Asphalt Roof Package +$720
Steel Roof Package  +$1,180
*Delivery and Installation Not Included
*Limited Stock Available
Easily Assembled Kit Design, High Quality Tilt & Turn Windows, Sleeps 2
Included Locking HardwareWindows and DoorsCorner JointsGravenhurst Cabin Front ViewGravenhurst Exterior
The Modern Cabin Experience
The Bracebridge is our premier cabin design. Perfect for a bunkie, a family room, or a creative studio in your backyard, the Bracebridge can fulfil many needs and look great doing it. With ample space, ample light, and robust construction, this will be a worthwhile investment to expand the usable space for your family for decades to come. The Bracebridge occupies a plentiful 14’ x 10 ½’ footprint and features a 28” x 72” window on each side wall, a 53” x 72” double window on the front wall, and a 56” x 82” set of french doors. All windows are premium quality tilt and turn made from exceptionally high quality, slow grown northern pine.
Interior Dimensions
Cabin Interior
Cabin Construction
The Bracebridge is a kit unit, meaning it comes shipped in pre-cut interlocking pieces. The construction is very simple for anyone handy, or at least possessing the tools and the willingness to learn. Each kit comes with detailed instructions, schematics, and a tools list. These structures can fly together quickly with a handy crew.
 If you’d rather trust the professionals, we offer installation for these units as well!   
 Each Bracebridge kit is crafted in Lithuania using high-quality, slow grown, and durable pine. Each interlocking piece of timber is 44mm (over 1.5”) thick and will be sure to stand the test of time if stained and cared for properly. Inquire here to purchase a unit or have a chat with us!
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