2021 Mid-Season Update

With a lot of custom work and new aesthetics, 2021 has been a very exciting year for us so far. As our reputation has grown, so too has our customer’s faith in our ability to provide them with more challenging projects. We have jumped into these challenges head first and couldn’t be happier with the outcomes.

Year of the Poolside Bar

An Advanced 12'x8' Shed with Bar
A Custom 12' x 8' Bar Shed
       Since 2020 when we first started to offer aluminum roll-ups it is clear that people love the style and function of a pool-side bar. The aluminum roll-up offers a simple, elegant solution to having your very own backyard bar that is easy to operate. Moreover, it couples with our premium steel siding perfectly. Our poolside bar sheds are perfect for the customer who loves to host and needs some extra shelter for pool equipment or a backyard kitchen!

Replacing What We Have Lost

A 12'x9' Fully Insulated Custom Home Gym
A Custom 12' x 9' Fully Insulated Backyard Office
       The seemingly endless Covid lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 have forced a lot of us to make space for the things we would usually travel for here in our own homes. Continuing the trend from last year we have been building fully insulated offices and home gyms to keep people working and working out from the comfort of their own property.

Our First Live Roof

An 8x8 Eco Shed With Cedar and WS300 Steel
Our Ecoroof with Modules Provided by LiveRoof
       Our first Eco Shed install happened this season and the live roof came out looking even better than expected. With a painless install process and gorgeous results we’re very eager to build more of these units for our customers and very excited to see how the roof grows over the coming years.

Black on Black

An Essential 12'x8' With 3-Lite Swing Door
An 8'x8' Cube Shed with black Shiplap and Black Steel
Trying to keep with the modern aesthetic we've had more people opt for a fully blacked out look. Combining pine with black beauty stain, our jet black steel and a black painted swing door makes for a very clean look with a bold presence.

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       Whether it's an Ecoshed, a poolside bar, a backyard office or even a home gym, we would love to help you plan your next project. Reach out today!
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