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Backyard Escape Studios

The Benefits of a Backyard Studio

Work from Home, with No Distractions

On average, people who work from a home office are interrupted every 15 minutes. Separating your workspace from your living space is one of the best things you can do to increase your productivity. With a Backyard Escape Studio, you can minimize your commute time and your distractions.

Better than Renting

A 100 square foot office can cost between $500 and $1000 per month. Add in the cost of commuting and parking, and the cost of renting traditional office space can easily rise to $1,500 per month or more. Over two years, that’s $36,000, plus the time you spend in your car every day.

An Investment That You Own

A backyard studio doesn’t require a fixed foundation and is easily portable. If you decide to move, you can take your office with you. If your business grows, you can upgrade your studio or sell it to another entrepreneur, or back to us. It’s an investment that is as flexible as you are.

Zero Commute

Imagine getting to work in seconds. Think about the convenience of having your office and supplies mere steps from your back door for whenever inspiration strikes. And you can eat lunch at home every day.

Custom Design

Your studio space should be as unique as you are. Design a space that fits your needs, then choose your siding, stain, flooring, and interior paint according to your tastes.
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