Helical Piles by Power Foundations

Why Helical Piles? 

A Deck Built on Helical Piles

There are many benefits to helical piles, on top of being an affordable alternative to concrete, they also offer: 

When Compared to Concrete Footings

Helical piles offer several advantages to concrete footings. They have a higher load capacity per pile, you can build on top of them immediately after they're installed, they can be removed later on, they can be installed year round, and there's no soil removal required!

How to Prepare for Your Installation

Once you have a studio or shed picked out from Backyard Escape Studios we will instruct you on the size and placement of the piles required in your backyard.

Step 1: Plan Your Location

Pick a location in your backyard that would comfortably fit the structure, allow space for our install crew, and avoid hitting surrounding trees or fences with your roof overhang. Once you're confident you've found a good place for your structure contact Ontario One Call to ensure the area you've picked is free of buried cables, pipes, and wires so the install team can dig safely. Power Foundations always requests to see your utility locates before an install, and can assist you in acquiring them if need be.

Step 2: Site Prep (Optional)

If you would like to avoid growth under your structure overtime you can prepare the location under the pad before the piles are installed. This can be done in three easy steps. Firstly, remove about 3-4 inches of top soil on the area that will be covered by the subfloor. Then lay down any kind of weed barrier. Finally, lay down gravel to fill in the area. Access: The Equipment to install the piles requires a 36" opening in your gate to access the area of installation.

Step 3: Schedule Your Foundation Installation

Contact us, or Power Foundation Systems directly and we can set up a date and time for the installation of your piles. The installation can usually be done in just an hour or two with minimal damage or disruption of your living space and no need for clean up.

Step 4: Schedule Your Structure Installation

Once your piles have been installed we are ready to install the very next day. Feel free to reach out ahead of time to let us know when your foundation is scheduled for so we can prepare to have you installed as soon as we're able.

If Power Foundations doesn't service your area, we are happy to deal with any contractors who provide a similar service on the requirements for our structures.

A full pile before it's been driven into the earth.
A collection of piles installed for a back deck.