8x8 Garden Shed With Steel Siding
8 x 8 Essential Shed with Pine and Red Steel
12x8 Pool Shed in Hamilton Ontario
Custom 12 x 8 Pool Shed with Aluminum Roll-Up Bar
12x8 Cedar Shed in Long Point Ontario
12 x 8 Essential Shed with Cedar and White Steel
Custom 10x8 Essential Shed with Swing Door
10 x 8 Essential Shed with Black Pine and Galvalume
Modern Garden Shed in London Ontario
12 x 8 Garden Shed - Muskoka Brown Pine and Charcoal Steel
Full Custom Garden Shed in Toronto Ontario
12 x 8 Garden Shed - Shiplap Pine and Graphite Gray Steel


The Essential shed is our introductory option for those looking to upgrade their backyard space with something simple yet elegant. Inspired by modern European design, the essential shed is a great way to add character and functional storage space right in your own backyard. The Essential works perfectly as a garden, storage, or even pool shed. Despite this being our entry-level offering, it is built to the same premium standards using high-quality steel siding, which is available in a variety of different colours to match your home or add a splash of colour to your backyard space. Inquire today or see what our customers have to say about our products.

The Benefits of a Backyard Escape Shed

Essential Shed Sale Prices

Price by Footprint

Footprint (Width x Depth):
8' x 8'
10' x 8'
12' x 8'
14' x 8'
10' x 10'
12' x 10'
14' x 10'
16' x 10'
$4,981 $5,860
$5,712 $6,720
$6,273 $7.380
$7,123 $8,380.00
$6,792 $7,990.00
$7,132 $8,390.00
$7,531 $8,860.00
$8,568 $10,080.00
Custom sizes are available!
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*Delivery Included on projects within 100km of London Ontario
*Installation costs vary with project complexity
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Pricing Breakdown

The base price for the Essential model includes:

- Steel Siding on 3 Sides and Steel Trim
- High-Quality 3/4" Thick Pine on the Front Wall
- A Single Barn Sliding Door Painted a Standard Colour
- Galvanized Door Hardware for Rolling, Blocking, and Locking
- Roll out Asphalt Roofing Membrane
- A Single Roof Vent
‍- Pressure Treated Bottom Plate with Sill Gasket

Available upgrades that would change this price are: 

- Upgrade to Double Barn Doors
-Upgrade to Hinged or Patio Doors
- Upgrade to Cedar Siding
- Upgrade to Chamclad Siding
- Upgrade to a Steel Roof
- Pre-stained Siding and Outriggers
- Adding Split Walls (Steel+Pine on the same wall)
- Adding Additional Windows & Doors
- Bar Ledges & Roll-up Doors