10x8 Pool Shed With Steel Siding
8x8 EcoShed with Cedar Siding and Charcoal Steel
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Custom Cedar Cube Shed in Toronto
10 x 10 EcoShed with Black Beauty Pine
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10 x 10 EcoShed with Aluminum Roll-up Door
Bike Storage Shed in Downtown Toronto
3D Mockup of an EcoShed with WS-300 Steel


Explore our eco-conscious green roof shed, a beautiful garden shed with a green roof. Craft a sustainable outdoor space with this limited-time offer – right in the comfort of your backyard.

The Benefits of a Backyard Escape EcoShed


Our green roof garden shed is not just a functional outdoor space – but it is also our testament to a greener environment and sustainability goals in our vicinity. This innovative garden shed features a lush green roof – consisting of specially selected plants that provide environmental benefits. The green roof acts as a natural insulator – regulating the temperature inside the shed. This eco-conscious feature reduces the need for energy-intensive heating and cooling systems and contributes towards a lower carbon footprint in our community. Rainwater runoff is also a significant concern for many, but our green roof garden shed absorbs rainwater and slows down runoff – reducing the risk of flooding during heavy downpours. By incorporating this eco-friendly garden shed into your backyard, you enjoy an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly neighborhood.



At Backyard Escape Studios, we design premium studios and sheds that blend convenience and craftsmanship – committed to using high-end materials and assembling them with utmost care and efficiency.

Our fully-insulated designs promise year-round usability, while our climate-controlled options let you tailor your interior to your preference. Committed to excellence and delivering only the best, we redefine outdoor spaces for you – one shed at a time. Our backyard custom sheds are all about creating your unique space according to your desire –a backyard gym shed to kick start your fitness journey or an artist’s retreat in natural sunlight within our 14x10 or 10x10 garden sheds. With a keen focus on customization in all aspects of your backyard shed, we ensure that your outdoor space aligns perfectly with your vision.


asked questions

What is a Green Roof Shed?

A Green Roof Shed is an eco-conscious garden shed featuring a green roof covered with specially selected plants. It combines functionality with sustainability to create a unique outdoor space.

What are the benefits of a Green Roof Shed?

Green Roof Sheds offer natural insulation, promote biodiversity, absorb rainwater, and contribute to a greener environment while providing a beautiful outdoor space.

How does the green roof act as insulation?

The green roof regulates the shed's interior temperature by keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reducing the need for energy-intensive heating and cooling.

Do I need special maintenance for the green roof?

Minimal maintenance is required, such as occasional watering and trimming. The green roof is designed to thrive with minimal care.

Can I customize the plants on my green roof?

We offer a selection of plants specifically chosen for their environmental benefits, but you can discuss customization options with us to align with your preferences.

What is unique about the Garden Shed Green Roof by Backyard Escape Studios?

Our Garden Shed Green Roof showcases our commitment to sustainability, offering natural insulation, biodiversity support, and rainwater management in a functional outdoor space.

How does the green roof benefit the environment?

It promotes local biodiversity, reduces energy consumption, and filters and purifies rainwater, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly neighborhood.

Can I use the garden shed year-round?

Yes, our garden shed with a green roof is designed for year-round usability, providing a comfortable space regardless of the season.

Is the green roof shed customizable in terms of size and design?

We offer customization options to align the shed's size and design with your specific needs and vision.

How do I get started with constructing a Garden Shed Green Roof?

To begin your project, share your design concepts with us, and we'll work with you to transform your dream shed into reality, creating a sustainable oasis in your backyard.

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