Backyard Escapes Shed FAQ

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Foundation Questions:

What type of foundation do I need?
We can build on top of any foundation. It all depends on your yard. We generally build on top of concrete pads that are the same as your shed's footprint (or larger) but we've built on top of paver stones, brick, screws, Perma columns, etc.

How is the structure anchored to my foundation?
Your structure is anchored with concrete anchors or Tapcon screws.

How far away do I need to keep the structure from my fence?
Depending on what your specific municipal code requires, you can expect at least 1.5' from us, ideally 2' or more. This is for our safety and efficiency overall.

Permit Questions:

What is the permit requirement?
Depending on your municipality by-law for accessory building structures, the usual limit in Ontario is 160sqft. We maximize this by using a 16x10 design.

How long does the permit process take?
There is no direct answer to this question as different municipalities have different processing times. We’ve had permits approved in as quick as three days and some that took weeks. 

Do you supply the engineered drawings I need for my permit?
Yes. We do supply these drawings with a site plan and schedule 1 from our engineer. This is only needed if you are planning a build larger than 160sq ft or if you want to build a structure with plumbing.

General Questions:

What is your turnaround time for sheds?
Turnaround time can be anywhere between 3-10 weeks depending on project scope, materials being used, time of year, and your location. Expect a slower turnaround for the warmer months and a quicker turnaround for the colder months.

Can I customize my shed?
Yes, to a degree. While we try and maintain a streamlined approach to our builds we understand each backyard and purpose for a structure varies.

I have a rodent problem in my yard, will your sliding barn door prevent them from entering?
Our sliding barn doors typically extend a 1/4" out from the door frame. We also install a ball mount on the bottom of the shed to prevent the door from swinging outwards. This prevents larger animals from entering and deterring small ones as well. Both the bracket that connects the door to the sliding bar and the ball mount can be adjusted.

Can I install the shed structure myself?
No, the structures that we currently offer are not Do-it-yourself friendly.

Do you ship your structures?
No. All structures are made to order and installed by us currently.

Can I purchase your sliding barn door separately?
I'm afraid not. Our custom-made doors are a design feature of our shed design and are not sold separately.

Can the steel track be painted?
We advise against it. There is a layer on top of the galvanized steel that prevents corrosion and paint never adheres well to it over time. 

Do you have a showroom where we can look at your structures in-person?
Unfortunately not. While we do operate out of our shop in London, ON where anyone is welcome to meet us and see more of our operation, we rely heavily on past customers for this particular experience. Of course, the viewing must be scheduled in advance with expressed written consent.

Do you operate all-year-round?
Yes, however, it is very dependent on the weather. 

How often should I re-stain my wood siding?
Depending on how exposed the wood is to the sun and elements, we recommend a re-stain every 3-5 years. This will protect the wood and prevent any accelerated deterioration.

Can I select a custom colour for my structure?
Absolutely. We do charge a nominal fee for this, however. 

Can you customize the height of my studio?
Yes, to a degree. Please check with your local building department to determine the maximum height allowance before a permit is required. We can build higher with a permit but due to the way we prefabricate and install, we cannot go beyond a certain height at this time for safety reasons. 

Do you build fences, decks, pergolas, or any structures beyond accessory buildings?
No, we do not. 

What payment options do you accept?
We accept all forms of payment but due strongly urge e-transfers whenever possible to avoid merchant fees. Wires are possible as well.

How does the payment schedule work?
Once your final quote and sketch are agreed on, we begin by accepting your initial 50% e-transfer deposit. This enacts the material ordering and prefabrication. After a period of time, we reconnect with you to determine an installation date. This date is locked in once we accept your next 30% e-transfer deposit. On installation day, the remaining 20% is owed. This occurs before the installation team departs and after you’re satisfied with the result

Do you offer any warranty in the event something happens to my shed/studio?
Yes. We offer a one-year warranty for defects in material and workmanship on all of our products and units. However, it must be noted that your product must comply with certain guidelines to qualify for warranty. See our terms and condition page for more information.

For any questions you may have that weren't covered in this FAQ, we encourage you to reach out, either by phone (226) 219-6062 or through email at