Designing Your Dream Escape

Custom Backyard Pool Shed
A 10' x 8' Cube Shed with Muskoka Brown pine and Jet Black Steel

Backyard Sheds in Any Style

Backyard Escape Studios offers a wide variety of style options to make sure that your structure is an absolute stand-out!

A great place to start when designing your structure is to check out our gallery! There you will find a large number of completed projects that showcase different styles, functions, and sizes that can give you some inspiration for your own build!

If you're trying to narrow down the details, our style guide will show you the different siding options, steel colours, and stain choices that are available to you. If you're interested in matching your home/deck or any other feature we can colour match our stains as well! If you're interested in a siding option you don't see available on our style guide, reach out and we'll see if it's something our team can tackle for you.

We pride ourselves on crafting the perfect design for you. We have a streamlined sketch and quote process that will ensure you get precisely what you're looking for and not just a carbon copy of a project we've already built. Give us a call or use our contact form to start planning your project today!
Custom 10' x 10' Essential Shed with Charcoal Steel and Shiplap Siding
Custom Backyard Garden Shed with steel siding
Backyard Shed with Modern Design Elements like Window and French Doors
Custom 12' x 8' Essential Shed with JEt black steel French Doors
An All Black Essential Garden Shed with Galvalume Steel Trim
10' x 8' Essential Shed with JEt black steel, galvalume trim, and black beauty pine
Matching Pool Sheds installed in Toronto
Matching 10' x 10' Cube sheds for pool equipment and change room
Modern Pool Shed in Georgetown with Black Siding
Custom 8' x 6' Cube shed with jet black steel and shiplap pine
Split Unit Pool Shed with Change Room and Equipment Storage
Essential 16' x 6' pool shed with dividing wall for change room and storage

Pool Sheds and Pool Side Bars

The pool business has been exploding over the past two summers which has left many people with a similar issue. How do I store my pool equipment in a way that doesn't diminish the look of my new pool and backyard? Our modern shed designs can be customized to match any contemporary landscaping design and the added craftsmanship will keep your costly pool equipment protected from the elements for decades to come.

If you're looking for more than just storage, we offer aluminum roll up bars that can turn your backyard into a great place to host guests and serve up drinks by the pool. Split units have been another popular choice, with some people opting to split their structure to have a change room on one side and their equipment in the other. One client even went for matching structures side by side to serve each purpose perfectly and avoid going over the permit limit.

Stylish Storage Solutions

With real estate prices skyrocketing every square inch of people's homes are becoming more and more valuable. Whether you're looking to store your patio furniture, your gardening equipment or even bicycles for your family, all of our sheds are a great way to optimize your space for storage.

With a standard wall height of 8', (upgradeable to 10' without permit depending on your municipality) our backyard sheds offer much more storage that a standard 6' shed with a gable roof. Our designs are sturdy enough to hang bikes from your rafters, or mount them on your walls without any effect to the structural integrity or snow load.

Looking to store some larger equipment? If you like the barn door look our double barn door option is a great solution to storing large items without having to carefully navigate tight spaces.
High Quality Storage Shed in a Toronto Backyard
12' x 9' Essential shed with slate blue steel and colour matched door
Modern Bike Storage Shed in Toronto with Cedar Siding
10' x 8' cube shed for bike storage with clear cedar and galvalume siding
Advanced Backyard Garden Shed with Double Barn Doors for Easy Access
A 12' x 8' advanced shed with double barn doors for easy access
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