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Green Roof Eco-Studio

Project Specs

Project Dimensions

16' x 9' Footprint (144 sqft), 10' Exterior Roof Height, 9' Interior Ceiling Height

Colour and Siding Options

Charred Black 12" Chamclad, Galvalume Corrugated Steel, Galvalume Steel Trim

Intended Use

Home office, gym and extended family space.

Install Time

Two days to complete the structure, one day to insulate and install green roof modules.

Permit Required Due to Lot Percentage

Eco-Industrial Studio

Our customers Alana and Jonathon live in the heart of Toronto. Very urban and very tight on space. With a growing family they were desperate for more space and with the cost of housing in Toronto it became clear to them an insulated backyard studio would be a far smarter, more affordable purchase. It gave them a quiet office space to work away from the noise and chaos of kids and animals and a cool, bright space with lots of air flow to use as a personal gym. The perfect multi-purpose studio.

The Design

The cube has long been a favorite of our customers who are looking for a more industrial design. The sharp lines, boxy shape, and Chamclad siding make this unit feel at home in the concrete jungle of downtown Toronto. Our clients were eager to add a splash of life and colour to the alleyway and our eco-roof was the clear choice. The lush greenery livens up the space and complements the beautiful mural they've had painted in the walkway into their backyard. They managed to brighten up the interior significantly by adding a set of full-lite French doors, an 8' wide patio door and a 5'x3' sliding window towards the back. Facing the entrance and main windows towards the house helps this space feel more like an extension of their home rather than a rented office in another building.

The Installation

The footprint and ample windows helped create a space that felt large and inviting, practically a home away from home. The landscaping in his backyard meant the view from the inside was full of nature, and more like a cottage getaway than a downtown apartment. We helped Matthew to create a warm place to relax, cool off, or simply escape from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle that is downtown Toronto. An accomplishment that him and his family have found tremendously useful since the build.

Our Thoughts

Matthew and his family have made great use of the space, but the versatility is worth mentioning as well. The unit was completed with full climate control for year round usage, and could easily be converted into a large office space, a fitness studio, or even an art studio where you can be alone, be yourself, and create. Whatever your needs, we're happy help you design and build the structure that will make you feel fulfilled.
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