A Garden Suite in Downtown Toronto with Cedar Siding Backyard Escape Studios offers modern studios and garden suites that can be used year round as home offices, family rooms, gyms and more!


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Sebastian Kellner grew up in Germany working in the family business where he gained experience in management, foreign trade, and construction. Two years after marrying his Canadian sweetheart Breanne, they decided to move to Canada to a begin a new adventure together. Once in London, Ontario, Kellner Innovations Inc. was founded; a company that creates new and innovative products to make everyday life easier.

Sebastian found it very challenging to be productive running Kellner Innovations Inc from a home office with the pattering of little feet and cute calls for ‘Papa’ by three animated boys – Enders, Kord, and Leif, along with many other at home distractions. Being an entrepreneur, Sebastian saw an opportunity to help people who shared similar challenges. It was here that Backyard Escape Studios (BES) was born.


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More Than 90% Of Customers Are Satisfied

This Company Very Favorably Impressed With The Quality Of The Work Performed By Your Employees.

Tomas Ramos


This Company Very Favorably Impressed With The Quality Of The Work Performed By Your Employees.

Tomas Ramos


asked questions

What makes Backyard Escape Studios & Sheds different from other providers?

At Backyard Escape Studios & Sheds, we stand out with our commitment to using premium, high-end materials that ensure superior quality and durability. Our efficient assembly process saves you time and money while delivering beautifully designed backyard studios or sheds tailored to your needs.

Are Backyard Escape Studios insulated?

Our backyard studios are fully insulated, allowing you to use them year-round regardless of the season. You can enjoy a comfortable and climate-controlled environment inside the studio.

Can I customize the interior of the studio or shed?

Our backyard studios and sheds offer a climate-controlled upgrade option, allowing you to customize the interior environment to suit your preferences and intended use.

How much storage space do the sheds offer?

Our sheds are thoughtfully designed to maximize storage space, making them perfect for storing leisure and outdoor equipment.

What materials are used in the construction of the structures?

We use premium materials, including the best timber and hand-stained cedar and pine siding, ensuring a gorgeous finish with consistent colors on each structure.

How long does the installation process take?

Our perfect pre-fabrication approach allows our backyard studios and sheds to be assembled in as little as 5 hours, minimizing disruption to your backyard and ensuring a swift installation process.

Can I choose a custom design for my backyard studio or shed?

Absolutely! We offer a range of styles, colors, siding options, and stains for you to choose from, enabling you to customize your backyard studio according to your taste and preferences.

How will the backyard studio improve my productivity?

Our backyard studios provide a dedicated workspace, free from distractions and interruptions, which can significantly improve productivity and focus on your work.

Do you offer recreational spaces in addition to home offices?

Yes, our backyard studios and sheds can be used for various purposes, including home offices, gyms, family rooms, and recreational spaces, providing you with versatile options.

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