Ontario Bylaw Update!

Available Structures Just Got Bigger!

The province of Ontario has updated the bylaws for accessory structures and we are super excited for the opportunity to start building larger structures for our customers without going through the lengthy permit process! All across Ontario you are now able to build sheds and studios with a square footage of up to 160sqft with no permit required!*

*Permits are still required if you plan on using the structure as a dwelling or adding residential type plumbing (pool equipment is allowed)

We offer a wealth of experience in building structures these sizes over the years using fully engineered drawings and getting each structure carefully inspected by different municipalities. This means we can confidently offer you these new, larger accessory structures with no need to change our design and build processes or train our staff in any new techniques.

This bylaw update means an almost 50% increase in square footage with absolutely no permit required. We are happy to guide you in the planning process to make sure all other requirements such as lot coverage percentage and property line setbacks are met without need to worry or research on your own.

With these new bylaws in place we have updated the pricing on our website for all existing shed models to show the new available sizes. Keep in mind custom sizes are still an option, and we are still happy to build above the 160sqft option and help you through the permit process required for builds that size.  

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