A Beautiful Custom Pool Shed in Sarnia

The Ultimate Backyard Pool Companion

One size does not fit all. Sometimes, you want something different, something special! Be it to break the monotonous theme of your home or to include something that is uniquely you, there is something for everyone. This summer, design your backyard with a pool and a snazzy modern pool shed!This is exactly what one of our customers from the beautiful city of Sarnia did! They had a massive empty backyard and thought long and hard over spring on what they should convert it into. They decided to invest in creating a fancy pool, a deck and a modern pool shed for their backyard.

We were fortunate to be involved in this collaboration from the beginning, and we were excited at how we were going to transform the entire backyard! We worked with our customer on their unique request. They had a clear idea of what they wanted, and we were happy to customize our product to match it! We decided to build a tailored modern pool shed 16′ x 13′ in size, which was able to host a change room and a bar room.

The main features of this modern pool shed in Sarnia include a wide sliding double door, which allows for smooth operations in and out of it and a graphite gray corrugated steel siding. The front wall of this modern shed is made out of maintenance-free composite material. The customer was happy they were able to customize the colour and selected white, which blended perfectly with the rest of the pool area!

We worked with our client across two days to bring their vision to life! They were pleased that we were able to cater to their location in the beautiful city of Sarnia, which was an hour away from our head office in London. Our customer was extremely satisfied with our service and communication, and stated that if all of her contractors were as responsive as we were, the entire renovation would have been a breeze!

We understand that introducing a new design into your space can be challenging, and we recognize the importance of direct communication during this process. While it can be daunting, having experts guide you and provide you with direct professional feedback can make the experience pleasant and the whole process run a whole lot smoothly!

Pool sheds are perfect to store all your pool equipment and tools, as well as your children’s favourite pool toys! It can be built in sections with security features to ensure the items are stored separately. Another pool feature is a pool cabana, which has gained popularity over the years. It complements a modern pool area as well as provides an ideal spot for rest or food by the poolside!

The best way to design your space strategically is to align it with what suits your lifestyle most. While pool cabanas have been popular, it may not be ideal in some spaces which face space limitations. For example, it serves no purpose for storing cleaning equipment safely, making a pool shed a better option in such a situation.

We are here to help you create your ideal backyard and find the design that really matters to you! Contact us today to receive a personalized quote.


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  Interested in creating your own shed design? Check out our Gallery and our Style Guide to get you started. Once you have a general idea of size, style, and colours, get in touch with us and we can start drafting your personal 3D render and invoice.