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Quaint Office in Mississauga

Project Specs

Project Dimensions

9' x 9' Footprint (81 sqft), 9' Front Wall Height, 16" Roof Overhang

Colour and Siding Options

1x6 Tongue & Groove Pine with Muskoka Brown Stain, Coffee Brown Corrugated Steel, Outriggers and Trim stained with Muskoka Brown

Intended Use

Home Office

Install Time

Two days on site to complete the structure, one day to insulate the interior.

No Permit Required

A Home Office Solution in Mississauga

With Ontario’s strict lockdowns came a massive influx of people unexpectedly having to work from home. Living in the Greater Toronto Area can make for very high costs of living, and as such a lot of people don’t have the spare space in their homes to work from. Setting up your laptop at the kitchen table or in the living room is a good short term solution, but it quickly became apparent to a lot of our customers the value of a larger, more private space. A space where getting work done is the only intention and where you can be free from the distractions of family, pets, or roommates.

Chantelle was able to effectively get another room for her home while only taking up a 9’ x 9’ square in her backyard. There was no need for a construction crew to have constant access to her home and disrupt her way of life. Instead, we were able to construct the entire home office in just two days, with a brief return on a third day for some finishing touches. When you compare the price and convenience of building a home office with us to building an addition or renting out office space it will quickly become clear to you why so many people opt to build with us. It is an investment you own, you don’t have to worry about a commute, and you can customize it to perfectly match your needs and style.

The Process

The pre-construction render

As with all of our projects, once Chantelle reached out to us with her general design idea we got to drafting. We worked with her to come up with a home office that would fit her style, meet her needs, and most importantly, stay within her budget. Being that this was a home office where lots of time would be spent alone, it was important for her to build a space with a lot of windows for a nicer view and plenty of natural light.

Once we established colours, size, siding types, and window placements our team got to work in the shop pre-staining her siding and constructing her wall and roof panels

Day 1

Framing Complete

Our first day on site had us assembling the structure in its entirety and making sure the roof was completely finished and water tight. All windows and the door were installed and we insured the structure was square, level and properly secured to the foundation. We build all of our structures to the same standard as you would a home, with proper headers, bracing, and moisture barriers. Once we were structurally sound we moved on to the exterior and began installing the siding. 

We had the siding complete just as the sun was beginning to set, so we got to work cleaning up the worksite and making preparations for our return to install the insulation and add trim around the windows and doors. Chantelle chose our Muskoka Brown stain for her pine siding and went with the Coffee colour for her steel. For a full list of our siding and colour options check out our Style Guide. They made an excellent pairing especially when combined with the black trim of the vinyl windows.

Day 2

We sent out a two man crew to install the insulation the following day. Given the location in Mississauga winters can be cold and she wanted this to be a home office that she could comfortably use all year round. We used R12 Rockwool +R5 Exterior for walls and roof R20 Rockwool insulation on both the wall and roof panels as well as double glazed glass on the windows and door. Chantelle contracted out the interior finish as it wouldn’t have been cost effective for us to complete the job being two hours away.

Day 3

We returned for one final visit for touch ups, inspection, and to do a complete walkthrough with Chantelle and ensure she was happy with every aspect of her new home office. Despite its modest 9’ x 9’ footprint she was able to comfortably fit everything she needed for her new workspace and had room left over for her furry companion. 

Backyard Escape Studios offer more than just home office solutions. Our studios have been used for home gyms, yoga studios, family rooms, and even recording studios. If you have a design in mind and would like your own personalized sketch and invoice, please, reach out by phone or through our contact form. We’re always happy to help!