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10 x 8 Split Steel Cube ShedChamclad CloseupShipping Container Studio8 x 8 Custom Cube Shed14 x 8 Shipping Container Shed8 x 8 Industrial Storage Shed16 x 10 Studio with Elite Rib SteelInterior View16 x 10 Shed with Aluminum Rollup20' Shipping Container Shed
Canadian-Made Shipping Container Style Sheds and Studios
For those looking for a modern industrial look you can’t go wrong with one of our shipping container sheds. For years now we’ve been approached by customers who went through the process of trying to plan out a studio or shed built out of an old sea can for their backyard only to be met with a number of difficult challenges.

 Our ability to pair traditional wood framing with premium Canadian steel allows us to create a structure that better meets the needs of our customers while maintaining that industrial look that so many people love. And best of all it ends up being more affordable, more environmentally friendly, and much more customizable.
The Benefits of Backyard Escape Studios Shed
When you lay out the advantages it becomes clear why a Backyard Escape Studios build is a much better choice that getting a recycled shipping container.
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