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The Ultimate Cedar Garden Studio Canada

Project Specs

Project Dimensions

22' x 12' Footprint (264 sqft), 9' Front Wall Height, 20" Roof Overhang

Colour and Siding Options

1x6 Clear Cedar with a Clear Coat, Black Corrugated Steel, Outriggers and Trim stained with Black Beauty

Intended Use

Family space for entertainment and a private drum room.

Install Time

Five days on site to complete the structure, one day to insulate the interior.

Permit Required

A Stunning Space to Escape

Our customer Matthew lives in downtown Toronto and has a busy corporate job to match his busy surroundings. Being close to work was important for his lifestyle but finding homes with adequate space for a growing family in downtown Toronto is no easy task. He came to the conclusion that a backyard studio could give his family some much needed breathing room to escape, and a more private place for him to de-stress and play his drums without bothering his loved ones.

The Design

Matthew's first priority was space. Despite his small backyard we worked with a landscaper to clear the existing setup and get a concrete pad in place that would give us the absolute maximum footprint we could fit in his yard while staying within permit requirements. Matthew spared no expense with his design, opting for premium aluminum windows and doors to let in plenty of natural light and airflow and even chose Clear Cedar as his siding. We complimented the natural Cedar beautifully with black steel trim, stained black outriggers and even some black porch lights out in front to keep access illuminated in the evening. Despite Cedar being superior to pine for longevity, it will still weather overtime, so we treated it with a high quality Clear Coat to protect it from the sun and the elements for years to come.

Bringing Peace

The footprint and ample windows helped create a space that felt large and inviting, practically a home away from home. The landscaping in his backyard meant the view from the inside was full of nature, and more like a cottage getaway than a downtown apartment. We helped Matthew to create a warm place to relax, cool off, or simply escape from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle that is downtown Toronto. An accomplishment that him and his family have found tremendously useful since the build.

The Possibilities are Endless

Matthew and his family have made great use of the space, but the versatility is worth mentioning as well. The unit was completed with full climate control for year round usage, and could easily be converted into a large office space, a fitness studio, or even an art studio where you can be alone, be yourself, and create. Whatever your needs, we're happy help you design and build the structure that will make you feel fulfilled.
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