Live Roof EcoSheds

You can never have enough green space.

Add more life to your garden!

Our EcoSheds feature a live roof system designed and grown right here in Ontario! For those who want nothing but the absolute best companion for their garden. Keep all of those fancy gardening tools or smart sprinkler systems safe. Each unit is set up for the easy addition of rain water collection. Our EcoSheds will blend perfectly into your lush landscape and even help with the local population of pollinators!
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A ModerN Pool Shed with Poolside Bar

Why an EcoShed by Backyard Escape Studios? 

  • Done in One Day
    Fully installed in just one day!
  • High Quality Materials
    Help recreate habitat for pollinators such as bees, butterflies, insects and songbirds.
  • Eco Friendly Paint
    Premium environmentally friendly stain for a beautiful finish and lasting results.
  • High Quality Steel
    Add natural beauty to your space with minimal maintenance perennials.
  • Watertight Construction
    High quality, maintenance free steel for siding and trim.
  • Roof Warranty
    2 Year Limited Warranty included.

Green Roof EcoSheds Across Ontario

Suburban Garden Shed in Ottawa
8 x 8 EcoShed with All Black Siding
Second Story Growth
After building up one of our Essential storage sheds for our clients James and Margret on their beach front property, they decided they liked our designs so much they would order a second shed for their apartment in Paris Ontario. This time they opted for our EcoShed as they lived on the second story and had no lawn or garden to speak of. Our Live roof added a wonderful bit of life to their balcony and was the perfect place to store all of their sprinkler equipment for the myriad of different planters they were planning on installing down the road. The aluminum roll-up meant easy access and made for a sleek, modern finish.
A Hint of Life in the Concrete Jungle
Our client lives in the heart of downtown Toronto and really in a townhome with no lawn and extremely limited green space. He desperately wanted to add some nature to his property but would have no room for it after creating the storage space he needed for his patio furniture. Our EcoShed allowed him to use the roof as a green space that added some green to his otherwise gray and lifeless property. To compliment the live roof he chose a beautiful cedar siding that really enhanced the natural feel and struck a nice contrast to the steel siding he paired it with.
Modern Pool Shed in
10 x 8 EcoShed Shed with Cedar Siding
Modern Pool Shed in Mississauga
Custom 16' x 9' Garden Studio
The EcoStudio
Coming in the spring of 2023 we will be constructing our first EcoStudio for a client in downtown Toronto. Be sure to check back for photo updated once this project has been completed. This studio is sure to be one of our most beautiful achievements to date.

Help us Grow our EcoShed Catalouge!

The EcoShed is our newest offering and as such we don't have as many finished product photos. Every project we sell will go through an initial planning phase that includes a 3D mockup to help you visualize the completed shed or studio before you place your order. If you think you'd like to make the next step use our contact form to start the consultation process and we can start planning your build today!

Still need to know more? Check out our FAQ for some some answers or give us a call! We'll do our best to answer any technical, design, or permit questions and can help walk you through the planning process.