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The Ultimate Cedar Garden Studio Canada

At Backyard Escape Studios, we are dedicated to delivering the best cedar garden sheds across Canada – harmonizing functionality with timeless elegance. Crafted with the finest cedar, our sheds are inspired by contemporary European aesthetics – elevating the visual appeal and practicality of your outdoor setting. 

Project Specs

Project Dimensions

22' x 12' Footprint (264 sqft), 9' Front Wall Height, 20" Roof Overhang

Colour and Siding Options

1x6 Clear Cedar with a Clear Coat, Black Corrugated Steel, Outriggers and Trim stained with Black Beauty

Intended Use

Family space for entertainment and a private drum room.

Install Time

Five days on site to complete the structure, one day to insulate the interior.

Permit Required

A Stunning Space to Escape

Our customer Matthew lives in downtown Toronto and has a busy corporate job to match his busy surroundings. Being close to work was important for his lifestyle but finding homes with adequate space for a growing family in downtown Toronto is no easy task. He came to the conclusion that a backyard studio could give his family some much needed breathing room to escape, and a more private place for him to de-stress and play his drums without bothering his loved ones.

The Design

Matthew's first priority was space. Despite his small backyard we worked with a landscaper to clear the existing setup and get a concrete pad in place that would give us the absolute maximum footprint we could fit in his yard while staying within permit requirements. Matthew spared no expense with his design, opting for premium aluminum windows and doors to let in plenty of natural light and airflow and even chose Clear Cedar as his siding. We complimented the natural Cedar beautifully with black steel trim, stained black outriggers and even some black porch lights out in front to keep access illuminated in the evening. Despite Cedar being superior to pine for longevity, it will still weather overtime, so we treated it with a high quality Clear Coat to protect it from the sun and the elements for years to come.

Bringing Peace

The footprint and ample windows helped create a space that felt large and inviting, practically a home away from home. The landscaping in his backyard meant the view from the inside was full of nature, and more like a cottage getaway than a downtown apartment. We helped Matthew to create a warm place to relax, cool off, or simply escape from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle that is downtown Toronto. An accomplishment that him and his family have found tremendously useful since the build.

The Possibilities are Endless

Matthew and his family have made great use of the space, but the versatility is worth mentioning as well. The unit was completed with full climate control for year round usage, and could easily be converted into a large office space, a fitness studio, or even an art studio where you can be alone, be yourself, and create. Whatever your needs, we're happy help you design and build the structure that will make you feel fulfilled.
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About Us

At Backyard Escape Studios, we focus on creating exceptional studios and sheds that blend utility with artistic finesse.

We place a premium on using top-quality materials and construct each unit with precision and efficiency. Our fully-insulated designs guarantee year-round functionality, while our climate-control options allow you to tailor the interior climate according to preference.

Committed to excellence, we consistently reimagine outdoor spaces – creating each shed according to your needs and desires.



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our dedication to providing remarkable quality is unwavering in every endeavor we undertake. If your satisfaction still needs to be completed, rest assured our hassle-free guarantee ensures that we'll go the extra mile to address any necessary modifications until your contentment is achieved.

Certified and Trained Technicians

Rely on our certified and extensively trained technicians to oversee your backyard project skillfully. Our unwavering commitment to skilled artistry guarantees that each structure is meticulously crafted to meet the utmost standards, showcasing our proficiency and meticulous approach to every detail.

Services Across The GTA

We recognize that your maintenance needs can arise anytime, day or night. This is why our services span across The Greater Toronto Area. Whether you have an immediate concern or require a timely adjustment, our proactive team is here to meet your requirements, ensuring that your backyard project progresses smoothly and without interruptions.


With a diversified range of models, our cedar sheds are conceived with sustainability as a priority – augmenting your property’s appeal with superior craftsmanship. 

Our flexible designs allow you to curate a personalized outdoor space that aligns with your aspirations –a functional workspace or a bespoke storage solution. Our sheds use top-tier wood and metal and offer durability for Canada’s diverse climate conditions. 

At Backyard Escape Studios & Sheds, our cedar garden shed collection provides the canvas to tailor your backyard to match your requirements.


Are you looking to expand your home office, store belongings, or create a place of peace for yourself? 

Cedar storage sheds offer the perfect escape – built to exacting standards featuring premium cedar wood in various captivating colors. These cedar sheds in Canada will blend into your home space, elevating your outdoor space with vibrant hues that complement your home’s aesthetic while fulfilling diverse needs. 

At Backyard Escape Studios, our dedication to excellence is reflected in our bespoke cedar sheds across Canada.


asked questions

What makes cedar garden sheds different from other materials?

Cedar possesses inherent properties that make it a preferred material for garden sheds. Its natural oils act as preservatives, resisting decay, insects, and moisture. This innate quality reduces the need for chemical treatments, making it an environmentally friendly choice for outdoor structures. Moreover, cedar emits a distinct aroma as a natural insect repellent.

Are cedar sheds suitable for the Canadian climate?

Cedar is exceptionally well-suited to Canada's diverse climate. Its natural resilience allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions, including extreme cold and moisture variations. The wood's ability to expand and contract without warping or cracking makes it ideal for enduring the country's seasonal changes.

Do cedar sheds come in various sizes?

Backyard Escape Studios offers cedar sheds in multiple sizes and designs to cater to diverse storage needs and backyard dimensions. Whether for compact spaces or larger storage requirements, there's a wide selection available to suit different preferences.

Can I use cedar garden sheds for storing garden tools and equipment?

Cedar garden sheds are ideal for storing gardening tools and equipment. The wood's natural durability protects tools from harsh weather conditions, preserving their quality and functionality. Additionally, these sheds offer ample space and organization options for various garden implements.

How long can I expect a cedar storage shed to last?

Cedar is renowned for its durability and can withstand the elements for several decades if properly maintained. Regular upkeep, such as occasional cleaning and resealing, significantly extends its lifespan, ensuring it remains a sturdy and reliable structure for many years.

Are the cedar garden sheds customizable?

Backyard Escape Studios provides customizable options, allowing customers to tailor their cedar garden sheds to specific requirements. From adjusting size and layout to adding unique features and accessories, these sheds can be personalized to meet individual preferences.

Do cedar sheds require any special maintenance?

While cedar is naturally resistant to decay and insects, regular maintenance can further prolong its lifespan. Applying protective coatings like stains or sealants periodically helps preserve the wood's integrity, preventing weathering and maintaining its appearance.

Can cedar garden sheds be used for more than storage?

Cedar garden sheds offer versatility beyond just storage. They can serve as versatile spaces, accommodating workshops, hobby areas, or serene retreats. With customizable options, they can be designed to fulfill various needs beyond storage.

How do cedar garden sheds benefit the overall aesthetics of a backyard?

Cedar's natural beauty enhances the visual appeal of any outdoor space. Its rich color and distinct grain patterns blend harmoniously with nature, adding rustic elegance to the backyard landscape. These sheds not only serve a practical purpose but also elevate the aesthetic appeal of the entire property.

Do you provide delivery services for prefab cabins across Canada?

We offer convenient delivery services for prefab cabins across Canada, ensuring secure and timely delivery for assembly and enjoyment.

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