Contemporary Garden Sheds

Accessible, adequate storage for all of your favorite gardening tools.

Add Elegance to your Garden

Let us help you design the perfect garden shed to fit your needs and property. If your home is a new build we can easily match it's modern design. If you're simply replacing an older, less appealing shed, we can help you craft the perfect structure to store all of your garden and lawn equipment. There is no
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A ModerN Pool Shed with Poolside Bar

Why Build with Backyard Escape Studios? 

  • Done in One Day
    Fully installed in just one day!
  • High Quality Materials
    Custom footprints and designs to fit into any available space and match your style!
  • Eco Friendly Paint
    Premium environmentally friendly stain for a beautiful finish and lasting results.
  • High Quality Steel
    Upgrade to a Live Roof Eco Shed to fully integrate your shed with your Garden
  • Watertight Construction
    Store your large gardening equipment and patio furniture with ease with an upgrade to double barn doors!
  • Roof Warranty
    Our front walls are a full 8' high. This means more storage and a spacious interior.

Modern Garden Sheds Across Ontario

Suburban Garden Shed in Ottawa
12 x 8 Garden Shed with Mahogany Pine
Custom Suburban in Ottawa
Our client in Ottawa went for one of our more unique models, The Suburban. Aiming for maximum effectiveness she opted to add a sliding barn door onto the side of the shed to give her a wider entry way for her lawn mower. We were happy to help her come up with something unique, gorgeous, and functional! The round window on the front and enclosed rafters make the Suburban stand out from the rest of our models, and we think it suits her backyard perfectly!

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The Essential
Our client in London had an older Mennonite shed and was in desperate need of an upgrade. The Essential ended up being the perfect fit for his needs. He chose it for the modern aesthetic, the easy access barn door, and the maintenance free steel. Our construction techniques meant that he didn't have to worry about the frame and siding rotting out like it did on his old shed, and that his structure would last years and years with minimal need time spent on upkeep and maintenance.

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Modern Pool Shed in
12 x 8 Essential Garden Shed with Charcoal Steel
Modern Pool Shed in Mississauga
Essential 8' x 4' Garden Closet
A Garden Closet
Our client in St. Thomas loved the look of our sheds but didn't quite have the space to fit one of standard size units. We were happy to accommodate with a custom footprint of 8' wide and 4' deep. This small garden shed, or garden closet as some people would call it, fit nicely into her smaller backyard without dominating the space, and the 8' wall height meant lots of room for storage for the smaller footprint.

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Fully Custom Garden Studio
Our clients in Thamesford are blessed with a beautiful forested property and wanted much more than just a simple garden shed. This larger footprint allowed us to add a interior wall to split up the space inside, one half for storing garden tools and maintenance equipment, and another side that would act as a lounge area with plentiful natural light and a gorgeous view of their property. We added in a formidable 72" x 80" motorized roll-up door which made driving in and storing his riding lawn mower as convenient as possible. We're always happy to help with the permit process for customers looking to build over the 160sqft limit.

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Custom Garden Studio
25 x 15 Custom Garden Studio
Modern Pool Shed in Mississauga
10 x 10 Custom Garden Shed Natural Pine
Custom Backyard Garden Escape
Our clients in Toronto really impressed us with this custom 10 x 10 design. It was such a joy planning and building the whole structure with them. This project really illustrates how our structures can do so much more than store your garden tools. This build fit perfectly into their smaller backyard, matched their home's style, and created a view from their patio window that was much more beautiful than the dilapidated shed and unkempt alleyway that stood before it. They even matched our siding with their new patio furniture to really tie the whole thing together!
A Clean and Modern Cedar Shed
Customized designs are becoming more popular nowadays, especially so in the property landscape. For those modern homeowners that want their property to stand out from the crowd, they look for ways to add a unique touch to their backyard. This Toronto customer requested a 12 x 12 cedar Cube with siding installed to match his home. While not our usual style we were happy to oblige and couldn't be happier with how his build turned out.

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Modern Pool Shed in
12 x 12 Cedar Cube Shed
Wide Pool Shed in Mississauga
14 x 7 Advanced with Double Barn Doors and Shiplap Pine
The Advanced
Our client in Toronto wanted something with a bold presence. Our Advanced style achieves that wonderfully with its increased roof overhang and added transom windows. The windows don't just look nice, they add a lot of natural light to the unit as well! This client chose our shiplap pine with just a clear coat to keep it looking as natural as possible. The natural wood tones really help blend this shed into the backyard and surrounding trees. We helped them gain more storage, more beauty, and an all around more useful backyard!

Looking to Compliment your Garden? 

We hope you've enjoyed having a browse through some of our favourite projects from our company's history. If you think you'd like to make the next step use our contact form to start the consultation process and we can start planning your build today!

In addition to providing storage space, our builds can also be used for a variety of other purposes. Many people use their sheds as workshops, home offices, or even as a space to relax and unwind. Whatever your needs, there's sure to be a model that's perfect for you.

Our structures are an excellent addition to any backyard, providing convenient and practical storage space for gardening tools and equipment. When choosing a shed, consider factors such as size, material, and style, and be sure to choose a spot in your yard that's level and has good drainage. With the right shed, you'll have a functional and attractive space to store your gardening supplies for years to come.

Still need to know more? Check out our FAQ for some answers or give us a call! We'll do our best to answer any technical, design, or permit questions and can help walk you through the planning process.