A Small Garden Shed in St.Thomas

April 22, 2022

Vivian, our client in St Thomas, loves to garden. She’s a lover of nature and beauty, nurturing growth and flourishing amongst her garden. We worked with her to design a perfect tiny shed. A flimsy backyard shed would take away from the natural beauty of her garden - the unnatural materials would reduce the significance of how gardens bring natural beauty. Our team designs quality made sheds, so that when they are placed in spaces like gardens, they feel natural and don’t take away from the gardens being the center of attention. This particular tiny shed in St Thomas is 8x4, made with premium tight-knot pine with a natural finish. To access everything inside, simply slide the barn door open. 

Vivian left us a review, which all of our clients have the opportunity to do. She wrote,

“Thank you for installing my “Shed”. So much more than the usual shed. Looks very impressive in my Garden. Definitely a 5 star addition!”

That’s what we like to hear! Our sheds are not meant to be a random addition that takes up space. Tiny sheds, like this one, are designed and built with excellence, and with the goal of being a benefit to our clients lives. 

Perhaps you are also a gardener. As Vivian discovered, tiny sheds add value to the gardening experience, and don’t have to take away from the natural beauty of your garden. We want to work with you to help you continue caring for your garden, to let it flourish and bring beauty to the world. Part of our mission statement is to serve our clients because creating reflects something bigger than ourselves. Your garden and our tiny sheds are creative work that reflects something bigger than us. So let’s work together as we pursue creative, natural, life-giving beauty.

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