Toronto, ON

A Cedar Cube Shed

February 13, 2021

A Completely Custom Design

Customized designs are becoming more popular nowadays, and especially so in the property landscape. With tons of modern materials and colors to choose from, modern homeowners are given the liberty to design their land space in almost any way they please. For those modern homeowners that want their property to stand out from the crowd, they look for ways to add a unique touch to their residential landscape.

That is exactly what one of our customers was looking for! Our dear and recent customer wanted something unique to match his modern home located in the rural area north of Toronto. When he contacted us, we quickly understood the dilemma our customer was in, and we offered a customized backyard shed design that would jazz up the uniqueness of his backyard. After chatting with our customer further, we understood that he wanted something bigger and more spacious, given that there was quite a bit of land he had on this rural property. He also wanted something that matched his house.

Our customer already had a current backyard shed, but it was outdated and did not match with the theme of his house. We started our day at our customer’s backyard by removing the outdated backyard shed and then begun then installation of the customized modern shed.

The backyard shed we installed was a 12’ by 12’ modern shed, with beautiful natural cedar and corrugated Galvalume steel sidings. From its dimensions, you can tell that we agreed on a cube style, as this and the color of the modern shed, both matched the continuous theme of his home.

Throughout our single-day installation, our dear customer was the best! He offered us homemade snacks, coffee and juice, and checked in on us. We are happy that we can develop such relationships with our customers, and we are proud that our services can bring a smile to our customers’ face.

The installment of the modern cedar cube shed also included the installation of a flat roof on it, an aluminum window and a door with a large single window for lots of natural light to come through. Our creative customer plans to install a live roof over the modern cube shed after the installation.

Our customer was delighted to see the final product, and was exceptionally pleased that it was all done in just one day! He was happy to finally see the unique modern shed that he had in mind actually come to life.

Here is what our customer had to say:

“Thank you for designing and building the perfect structure for our property. It is beautifully designed and well-built. You made a concerted effort to make sure the design complements our home. It has already received great praise from my neighbours. You and your crew also took great care in all aspects of construction; a true sign of professionalism and good craftsmanship. I hope to have you work on another project I have in mind in the future.”

We were immensely touched to receive the note from him, as we value our customer’s feedback. Your backyard shed needs are our top priority.

Side Profile of our Cube Style Cedar Garden ShedRear View of our Cube Style Cedar Garden Shed after GrayingFront Perspective of our Cube Garden Shed after Graying
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