Foundation Comparison

Backyard Escape Studios does not currently offer pad-pouring services.

While we are happy to build on virtually any foundation type, we simply wouldn't be able to compete price-wise with local contractors for foundation prices for customers outside the London Area.

Subfloor on Concrete Blocks is the only foundation service we offer to our customers in our full service area but we are happy to provide specs and recommend contractors local to you where available.

Please note that prices are rough estimates. Costs will vary from city to city and contractor to contractor.  
Foundation Type
Rough Cost
Patio Stones
Inexpensive, Easy to install, Can be done by Homeowner, Minimal Mess/ Damage
Labour Intensive, Harder to Level, Probable Water Intrusion, Prone to Cracking/Sinking Overtime, Harder to Clean, Vulnerable to Frost Heave, Not recommended with Swing Doors
~$6.00/sqft + Labour
Subfloor on Concrete Blocks
Inexpensive, Quick to Install, Can be done by Homeowner, No Yard Damage, Can be Insulated
Slightly vulnerable to Frost Heave, Critter Friendly, Elevated Entryway, Not Recommended for Studios
~$9.00/sqft + Labour
+$3.00/sqft for Insulation
Subfloor on Sonotubes or PermaColumns
Less expensive than concrete, less yard damage, less vulnerable to frost heave, can be done in 1 day, Can be done by  Landscaper or Handy Homeowner, Can be Insulated
More Expensive than Blocks, Critter Friendly, Requires warm Temperatures, Tubes need time to set, Elevated Entryway
~$11.00/sqft + Labour
+$3.00/sqft for Insulation
Subfloor on Helical Piles
Less expensive than Concrete, Minimal Yard Damage, Invulnerable to Frost Heave, Done in 1 day, Easily Removed or Reused, Can be Insulated
More Expensive than Blocks, Critter Friendly, Requires a Skilled Installer, Elevated Entryway
~$18/sqft Including Labour
+$3.00/sqft for Insulation
Concrete Pad
Most Longevity, Easy and Faster to build on when level and square, Can be Insulated for Studios, Doesn't Require a Subfloor, Can be Done by a Handy Homeowner
Most Expensive, Pad needs Time to Set, Lead Times from Concrete teams can be up to 8 Weeks
Highly variable by location, always reach out to local contractors/landscapers. We have seen pricing from $20.00/sqft - $60.00+/sqft
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