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Our pool sheds have always been the go to place for our customers to put their mini fridges, glassware and snacks. Adding in a high-quality aluminum roll-up door to turn a simple shed into a pool cabana and backyard bar was a no brainer. These Cabanas make hosting friends and family for some drinks by the pool so convenient you'll wonder how you ever did without it. Add a dividing wall if you'd like, store your pool equipment on one side, or even add a change room! Let's turn your backyard into a the perfect escape from the stresses of life and work.
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A Contemporary Pool Shed with Poolside Bar

The Benefits of a Backyard Bar

  • Done in One Day
    Keep your drinks ice cold and on hand at all times!
  • Custom Shed Designs
    High-quality aluminum roll-ups available with either manual crank or a motor!
  • Eco Friendly Paint
    Premium environmentally friendly stain for a beautiful finish and lasting results.
  • Poolside Drinks
    A comfortable shaded bar area that gives you the freedom to make lavish cocktails right in your own backyard.
  • Watertight Construction
    Less trips inside, more time to relax and enjoy your backyard oasis.
  • Extra Storage
    Tyvek Housewrap to fully protect your fridge, icemaker, glassware and whatever else you need to store!

Backyard Bars and Pool Cabanas Across Ontario

Modern Pool Shed in Mississauga
12 x 8 Custom Shed with Bar
A Fully Customized Center Piece
This fully custom design has been referenced by so many new clients it's hard to count. Our customer in Hamilton came to us with a truly unique vision and it was our pleasure bringing it to life. This pool shed features a swing door for secure entry, a pool-side bar, a single transom window for added natural light, an extended roof overhang above the bar to provide a little shade, and the most unique configuration of steel and pine siding we've seen to date. This an excellent example of form meeting function. A real center piece for the backyard that makes hosting guests for drinks by the pool so much more enjoyable. Read more here.
A Refreshing Pool-Side Bar
Featuring double barn doors and an aluminum roll-up bar, this pool cabana makes for a great storage solution while still managing to look beautiful and please guests. Our clients in Tillsonburg kept things simple, changing only a few things from our Essential model as a base. The beautiful blue stain they chose really managed to compliment the Jet Black steel while adding a relaxing and calming vibe to the whole backyard.

Read more about this project.
Pool Shed with Poolside Bar
12 x 8 Custom Shed with Bar
Change Room Pool Shed in Toronto
A Custom 15 x 7 Backyard Bar Cabana
An Extra Wide Bar
Our London Ontario client loves to host. Him and his wife would frequently turn their backyard into the party spot for their friends, family, and co-workers. They wanted an extra wide bar to accommodate as many "patrons" as possible at their backyard bar. We provided them with a sizeable 8' x 4' aluminum roll-up and a full 9' wide bar ledge. They went all out and ordered the motorized roll-up as well. The the swing door on the side made for easy access and a quick an secure way for them to lock up all of their expensive spirits.

City of Stratford Kiosk
We were commissioned by the City of Stratford to help them design and build a kiosk for their new volleyball courts. The White Satin shiplap pine and Charcoal Gray steel strike a beautiful contrast and make this humble kiosk stand out next to the courts. The unit features a smart lock on the man door for easy access for all city employees and a convenient roll-up for the staff to supply the guests with snacks and drinks during play. Working with the City of Stratford was so enjoyable, and we're very proud of what we've created for the community there.
Pool Shed with Sliding Barn Doors
A Custom 18' x 9' Kiosk for the City of Stratford
Modern Pool Shed in London Ontario
12 x 8 Advanced Shed with White Satin Pine
The Fireside Bar
Not every backyard bar gets paired with a pool. Sometimes it makes a great addition for those who love to relax by the fire during the summer months. Our clients in Guelph had a nice firepit where they would frequently host friends and family for drinks and games. They chose to add a bar to our Advanced model and it really elevated their ability to host and turned a simple garden shed into something much more beautiful and useful.
A Rustic and Charming Bar
Our client in Port Colborne loved the look of our steel siding but wanted to add some warmth to the backyard as well. She opted for a more rustic looking pine siding with a simple clear coat to protect the wood without hiding it's natural beauty. She added a split steel wall to the front and colour matched her swing door and aluminum roll-up so everything flowed perfectly. After out installation she had a gazebo installed directly to the side of her backyard bar. The roll-up bar become a great way to serve guests in the gazebo without making constant trips back into her home.
Poolside Bar in Hamilton
12 x 8 Custom Essential Backyard Bar
Extra Large Pool Shed in London Ontario
20 x 5 Essential with Custom Opening
An Ultra-Wide Storage Shed
Our client in London came to us knowing exactly what they wanted. Not every bar needs a roll-up and this build showcases an innovative way to turn a standard Essential storage shed into a great little backyard bar. The ultra-wide opening accommodates their TV and seating area so they could enjoy the game by or in the pool without having to worry about the elements ruining their patio furniture or electronics. The 5 foot depth was tight, but just deep enough to fit a mini-bar in as well.

Read more about this project.

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