Hamilton, Ontario

Custom Pool Shed in Hamilton

September 29, 2021

Fully Custom Pool Shed

Picture this. You had a long day at work, and are looking forward to an evening to unwind and recharge. With the beautiful summer weather, why sit around inside when you could enjoy the fresh air in the backyard sipping a cold beverage with family and friends watching the sun slowly set. 

But if the backyard space doesn’t feel like a place to escape from the daily grind, there won’t be a desire to relax and unwind outside.

Extended Outdoor Living Space 

Our client from Hamilton, Ontario envisioned having a backyard area they would use often that would feel like an extension of their home - a place to gather, unwind, and feel refreshed. With all the work they had already put into their backyard, the backyard shed was designed and built to complement the entire look, and provide consistency with the feel of the entire space. The backyard is truly an extension of their house, which all feels like home.

Practical Features

The 12’x8’ garden shed was completed with frosted glass for privacy in the changing area, and a roll-up bar window to serve drinks and food. Everything needed is easily accessible and convenient with this garden shed. No more running into the house dripping wet to grab that last thing that was left behind! Even though it may be called a garden shed, it really includes all the features to make backyard living so desirable, and to invite friends over to escape with you.

Fully Functional, Full Custom Pool Side Bar

Backyard Shed Bar

After a dip in the pool, our client and their family and friends are ready to pop out and walk a few steps to the bar that is built right into the garden shed. Vote someone to bartend to stand behind the bar and hand out drinks that are kept cool in the mini fridge. Cheers all around! And while you wait for a drink, enjoy the shade provided by the slick awning. It’s as if Hamilton now has their own resort with this backyard shed completing the already stunning backyard area.

“The shed is very good quality, everyone is in awww when they see it. We are very pleased with the final product!”


This Hamilton client had the ideas, and they knew they were missing something to wrap up their dream backyard escape - a backyard garden shed. As they said,

“Backyard Escape Sheds were prompt in responding to any of my questions, and worked with me to design the shed (as I had envisioned)”.

Each backyard is unique, and each person has differing design preferences. To be able to work with clients to create a garden shed that fits their vision is what Backyard Escape Sheds is all about.

A Completely Custom Pool Shed with Bar for our Customer in HamiltonThe Lounge Area by this Pool Shed BarWide Angle Perspective of this Hamilton Pool Shed
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