Toronto, Ontario

Ultimate Fitness Studio in Toronto

November 12, 2021

The Perfect Home Training Solution

Check out this bold and fully functional backyard Gym in Toronto! 

Let’s look at the specs, shall we:

This backyard shed is designed with horizontal premium tight-knot pine T+G paneling with a muskoka brown finish. The jet black corrugated steel completes each corner, as well as goes along the entire back wall. This garden shed come equipped with vinyl casement windows and french doors with frosted glass to let in lots of natural light, as well as fresh air during a lengthy workout.

The staggering 11 foot ceiling height isn't just for aesthetics. These clients took their training seriously and needed the extra celling height to match the full functionality of a commercial gym. With enough height for overhead presses, pullups, muscle ups, or jumping rope this studio was designed as the perfect backyard gym solution. Our clients in Etobicoke were eager for a place to train seriously at home with all of the gym closures of 2020/2021. Our hybrid studio/shed came partially insulated to allow for year round use and we even included 2x6 studs on the wall where their power rack would be mounted for peace of mind when lifting heavy.

It truly is a sight to behold in our Toronto clients backyard. 

When we imagine the perfect backyard gym, we plan out practical components, enforce quality materials, and dream up a backyard gym that is tasteful and has character. But we don’t just want to design and build a functional gym- we want to offer a whole experience, which involves our team. The team at Backyard Escape Sheds gives their all into each custom project, and will treat you with dignity and respect. You can expect quality, professional, and integral service from each team member as you work with them toward having your very own backyard gym. 

Our mission statement is to serve others because:

  1. Caring for our people grows a future for their families and communities
  2. Inspiring backyard spaces are restorative and enrich lives
  3. Creating reflects something bigger than ourselves

A backyard gym is practical in many ways, and can meet any need that you have - but it goes beyond the surface. We want to see you revitalized and restored for a better future at work, home, and in your community. Our team doesn’t just put some materials together, drop it in your backyard, and leave without much thought and consideration of YOU. The life you live matters to us, and we want to help you flourish and grow by meeting a practical need - and we want to work with you to design the perfect backyard gym for you.

12 x 9 Essential Studio Used as a Home GymBackyard Gym built for our customer in TorontoGym Studio with extra high studio ceiling for full range of motion
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