10-Point Checklist Before Buying a Backyard Shed

May 3, 2024

Are you shopping for a shed but can’t decide what to consider and what to not? Don’t worry—this guide will walk you through the most critical pointers before buying a backyard shed. People say buying a shed is no rocket science, but trust us, investing in a backyard shed can be quite a big deal. Finding the perfect design style can be difficult for many homeowners due to the thousands of options available in the market. Choosing the right size that fulfills your purpose can be daunting, too. And not just that. Your shed should not only achieve this purpose but also be an eye-catching architectural element in the backyard. So, where to begin and where to stop? There are several things to think about before buying a shed. Read the guide below to learn everything to make an informed decision. 

Your Guide to Buying the Perfect Backyard Shed: 10 Important Pointers


Why are you planning on buying a shed? Is it for storage needs? A mini-retreat? Or a guest area? Whatever the reason, it is easier to choose the right size and kind of shed if you have a good idea of its purpose. 


Of course, everything revolves around your budget. From your shed’s interior to exterior, the materials, size, accessories, and extra features- everything will depend on the amount of money you are willing to invest in buying a shed. Some people in the market for a shed start considering a low-quality shed or a DIY one, which is often less expensive and offers greater space for the same price. Nevertheless, this may come at a high expense because these sheds are made from poor-quality materials and require constant repairs. 


As you will quickly discover when you shop for one, backyard sheds are not cheap because of the skyrocketing prices of raw materials. Your shed is a significant investment, and you definitely want it to endure for a long time. But for it to stay durable in years to come, you may need to invest in high-quality materials in the first place. 


Next comes the shed size. Your shed's purpose should be directly proportional to its size. To decide the right shed size for your backyard, consider the dimensions of your yard and the space available. Remember, a shed's size should be carefully considered; if it's too tiny, you will have very little space, and if it's too large, you will lose a lot of green area. For storage purposes, measure the available space precisely in meters or feet. Then, proceed with measuring anything you tend to keep inside the shed. 


Sheds come in many styles and designs, and choosing the right one may seem like a monumental task. However, the best you can do is consider your budget, the shed’s size, and the materials you plan on using for the shed-making. With these factors in mind, you can easily select one shed design for your backyard. 

HOA Regulations

Before you finalize a shed for your backyard, please check with your area's zoning department or HOA regulations to see if there are any rules regarding sheds. Please remember that the HOA regulations may differ from one place to another, so it is best to acquire any necessary building permits before you start building the shed in your backyard. Most areas don't require permits for smaller sheds, but it's better to be safe than sorry and obtain one anyway.

Extra Features

Your shed’s usage will determine whether it requires extra features. For instance, if you plan to install a shed in an open location, you may want to keep things safe by installing locks and cameras. Or, if you plan on utilizing your shed for work or enjoyment throughout the year, consider insulation and power to keep the indoor temperature pleasant regardless of the weather outside. 

Customization Options

No one wants to buy a box shed that sits in their backyard and makes the place too dull. While looking at different shed options, consider the ones that allow customizations. A customizable shed will enable you to incorporate things you require, like accessories, shelves, hooks, windows, and doors. Furthermore, with the proper customization, your shed can easily match the aesthetics of your house and upgrade the whole vibe.


When you finally decide on a shed, its style, design, size, and more, comparing prices from different companies is the best course of action. Consider the quality of materials employed, any warranties offered, their portfolio, and previous satisfied customers. If the price you feel falls within your budget, go ahead.


Lastly, choosing the right shed maker is the most important thing everyone should consider when getting a shed. Beware, since the market has hundreds of scammers who promise excellent quality but deliver the worst you can imagine. Also, please don’t fall for prices too good to be true. Sheds are generally expensive because of the increase in the prices of raw materials. You may buy a cheap shed to save money but spend a lot more on its repair and maintenance. 

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Congratulations, you have found the blog post that will guide you in the right direction. With these 10-pointers, you will easily buy a backyard shed that is an ideal match for your property. However, some pointers may be a must for everyone. We don’t want you to buy a shed without considering all of these factors, and we don't want you to forget anything vital that you think later. 

For more recommendations and inquiries, please get in touch with us. If you have finally done all the research and chosen Backyard Escape Studios as your partner for the best sheds in Canada, please feel free to get a quote from us. Our prefab sheds are made from the highest-quality timber, and installation barely takes four hours! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you choose the right shed style?

The right shed style depends on several factors, such as the amount of available space, the height you want inside the shed, and your aesthetic goal. Depending on your requirements, you may choose from barn style, miniature home style, or A style shed.

Which shed material is the best?

Every shed material comes with its pros and cons. Before selecting a shed material, it is safe to consider your budget and desired aesthetic since all materials will necessitate care in some way. But if you wish to consider the best kind of shed, go for timber, as these will flawlessly blend in with your garden’s aesthetics to give your backyard a natural look. 

How can I maintain my shed to increase its longevity?

To increase your shed's longevity, ensure the shed's outside is clean. Also, inspect the shed regularly for cracks or leaks and fix them as soon as possible. Moreover, give your shed a new paint coat every few years to protect it from the outside elements, especially rain and moisture.

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