Mississauga, Ontario

Blue Garden Shed in Mississauga Ontario

February 22, 2021

Across Ontario

Today we bring you a story of one of our latest garden shed installations in Mississauga Ontario. With our digital age, there has been a demand for more customized sheds to be built across Canada, suiting every need and wearing different styles. This is an exciting time for us and we want you to be a part of it! We would like to share with you our recent success stories. Over the past month, we carried out a modern shed installation of a turquoise blue shed in the back of a nice and shaded yard in the homely suburban area of Mississauga, Ontario for our lovely clients Sandy and Duarte.

Being in the suburban area of Mississauga, Sandy and Duarte found it difficult to reach out to shed companies to work on their ideal garden shed. They had put in ample effort combing through the web to find a garden shed specialist that was able to drive out to them and help them with this. They mentioned that they were won over by our glowing references from our previous clients in Mississauga. Given our presence in Ontario, we were able to work out a way to send them steel samples, from which they chose the stunning turquoise blue steel siding, which gave their backyard a cozy feel to it, as well as blended in well with their cedar porch.

Despite it being two hours away from our office in London, Ontario, we drove out to them and installed their garden shed. We are willing to go the extra mile to understand the needs of our clients! While Sandy and Duarte were extremely pleased and surprised that we were able to commit to our promise, we were equally surprised when we got there for the installation. They had prepared Portuguese sausages for us during lunch!

What we delivered lived up to their expectations. We provided them with a digital model, so they could better understand the size and dimensions of their shed in their backyard space. The garden shed we installed for them is a clean and stylish garden shed made of the finest materials, with the shed made of clear-coated premium pine and bright turquoise, corrugated steel siding with a sliding barn door. For more information relating to the shed materials used or the aesthetics of the modern shed, such as the size or siding options, visit our website!

So while Sandy and Duarte were happy with the quality and process of the installation of our shed, we were not only happy that we had made one of our valued clients happy, but also brightened up their lovely shaded yard, which had a natural backing into the woods, to make it all the more beautiful. Time to put a modern twist into your backyard! Browse through our selection and let’s get started!


“Great experience from start to finish! We were searching for some time for this kind of design and so happy we found Backyard Escape Studio and Sebastian. He is an absolute pleasure, I couldn’t have asked for a more professional person and great looking shed. Thanks again …we love the way the shed looks.

Side Profile of a 12' x 8' Advanced Shed with Turquoise Steel Barn Door Opening on a 12' x 8' Advanced Garden ShedAn in Progress Picture of our Garden Shed being Built
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