Ridgeville, Ontario

Produce Storage Shed in Ridgeville

December 9, 2021

A Modern Climate Controlled Storage Shed

Our client in Ridgeville has taken his hobby farm to the next level! He uses an online store where his customers can place orders and see when they're available for pickup for maximum convenience. The only thing he was missing was a stylish shed to store the orders in and keep them cool while they waited to be picked up. We offered the perfect air tight solution with a 10'x8' Essential Shed, complete with a 3-lite swing door. We can provide the insulation to make sure your goods stay a consistent temperature, or you can install it yourself if you're looking to save a little money! 


Elegance in a compact package:

Given the very specific nature of the shed's intended function our client knew the exact footprint required for maximum storage with a minimal footprint. Our sheds aren’t just built to last, they’re built sturdy enough that many extra shelves, hangers, or racks can be installed on our walls or ceiling to maximize storage space. The striking black on black colour choices and thee-lite swing door gave this simple storage shed an impressive look and finish. 

A top notch build quality:

We were thorough throughout the construction and we focused on everything from making his insulation installation painless and ensuring an air and watertight final product. Our essential climate controlled storage shed is now a true landscaping feature on his property and it is built to last. The shed offers a small storefront and will be sure to protect his valuable produce from extreme temperatures. If you're looking for long term temperature controlled storage solutions, our sheds are the perfect choice. Built to last, built for east temperature and humidity control, as well as a beautiful addition to any backyard or farm!

If you are interested in your own essential backyard shed design or a unique shed building on your property, contact us today to learn more!

Climate Controlled Storage Shed in OntarioTemperature Controlled Storage ShedA Modern Black Storage Shed by Backyard Escape Studios
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