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Custom Built Sheds for your Backyard!

February 19, 2021

Outbuildings and Backyard Sheds…

…are no longer simply places to store the tools used to toil in the backyard. Backyard sheds don’t have to be dilapidated, rotten or taking up space… they should accentuate the pleasant curves of your garden, provide you with a refuge from your home and present you with multiple storage options, all of which you can pick or choose for yourself.

Is your backyard looking a little dreary these days? Have the long, hot summers left you with no shade or pool house, while the winters leave you damp and shivering, with no space from which to view the beauty of your garden? Then a custom built backyard shed courtesy of Backyard Escape Studios may be just what you need in your Backyard!

Whether you need a space to store hobby or craft gear, a place to change your clothes before you get in the pool, a place to work in an outdoor office or a yoga studio – Backyard Escape Studios have got the design for you… and if they don’t have it, they can custom build a backyard shed just for you, specifically to cater to your individual wants and needs.

Endless Options with your Backyard Shed

You will be presented with endless options as you custom design your own backyard shed. You can choose building materials, design features, storage methods, colors, shapes and sizes all of which will be crafted to your liking. An ordinary backyard shed might do the job – but does it make you proud?

For a custom made backyard shed that will be the envy of your neighbors and will make your garden stand out from the others; Backyard Escape Studios can provide. Whether you need a garden shed for your hot tub or multiple garden outbuildings, the choice is entirely yours. No shed is too big nor too small. No backyard shed will be designed without the best of materials and without your blessing.

The endless options provided by having a custom designed backyard shed of your very own will not only boost your happiness, but might also increase the overall value of your property! This is particularly true of our contemporary designs which feature sleek, clean lines and an elegance you can count on. If modern isn’t your thing then that’s fine to! Backyard Escape Studios can design classical styled, custom made garden sheds just for you!

Update your Space

A good backyard shed will perk up any garden and make your space the envy of your neighbors. Comprised of only premium quality materials and built to last; buying your custom made shed from us is an investment that will last a lifetime! The picture of eloquence; a backyard outbuilding will make your garden a haven in which you long to spend time – instead of a space that you would rather forget about!

With solid craftsmanship and firm foundations that would rival those of any house; Backyard Escape Studios range of custom made garden sheds will leave little room for problems. Easy to erect and built to last, you can be sure that an investment in the garden structure of your choice will make your home a happier place to be!

Take your garden from the eighties into the present day by getting rid of the old, worn down safety hazard of a structure that was there when you moved in. A garden shed should be a beacon to your home, not an eyesore that needs neutralized. With a little love and attention to detail, that shed could be replaced with the backyard shed that you have always dreamed of!

Choosing your Custom built backyard shed!

It has never been easier to design and construct a backyard shed that meets your requirements exactly. First of all, you decide which size of shed you would like for your space. If you let us know the function of the building we can then present you with the full range of materials and supplies that we have in store and available for use.

You will decide what equipment you would like us to incorporate in your design, such as storage compartments, separate rooms and even plumbing, should you require a shower in your pool house! You can decide what colors you would like the finish to be, how many windows you would like and how the door is shaped. When you invest in a designer backyard shed from Backyard Escape Studios, all of the options are open to you. If you can dream it they can build it… all you need is the initial idea.

The time is NOW!

The time is now to design your own custom built garden shed. Perfect for protecting your family from the UV rays of summer and for providing a shelter from rain, sleet and snow: a backyard structure could be exactly what you need in your life to open up your backyard space and get you back outdoors again. All it takes is the first step!

For custom built garden sheds that will last for years, it will make your garden great again and will put a smile on your face every day, better make it Backyard Escape Studios, the masters of the backyard shed.

8' x 8' Essential Shed with Cedar Siding12' x 8' Essential Shed with Double Barn Doors12' x 8' Essential Garden Shed with Muskoka Brown Siding and Charcoal Steel
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