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November 23, 2023

Have you ever scrolled through garden shed options online, only to be overwhelmed by the wide range of options and price ranges? If going through this unending maze makes you anxious, don't worry! We're here to make the process easier by giving you a road map to achieve success. Imagine having the ideal garden shed that fits your storage requirements and is an attractive living area extension.

In This article, we'll look at how to build a garden shed without breaking the bank. Whether you're a gardening enthusiast or someone trying to declutter in style, we've got you covered.

Are you ready to turn your backyard into a functional, attractive haven?

Let’s Start with why you need a garden shed.

Why Do You Need A Garden Shed?

So you've chosen to build a shed, but what will you do with it? The answer extends beyond essential storage. Sheds are like timeserver adapting to your requirements.

Gardening Sheds

A gardening shed might be the perfect retreat if you love caring for plants and flowers. These sheds have sufficient space for a potting table and essential gardening tools. Imagine a section of your garden where you can pot fresh plants, arrange your seeds, and protect fragile blossoms during severe weather.

Storage Sheds

Let's talk about the classic storage shed. It's more than just a place to keep your mowers and rakes; it's a multi-purpose storage solution for everything from bikes and golf carts to sports equipment. The attractiveness of a storage shed is its versatility; you choose the size based on what you intend to store within. A clean yard is only a shed away.

Workshop/Office Sheds

Perhaps you want a  place to practice your hobbies, such as carpentry, crafts, or operating a home office. The workshop/office shed is a game changer in the shed world. To make this shed your ideal workstation, you must finish, insulate, and wire it for power. While these sheds are more expensive, they provide a quiet haven steps away from home.

The Child's Playhouse

For parents, a shed is more than simply a storage area; it can be a delightful environment for their children. Make a plain shed into a child's playhouse, where creativity knows no limitations. Whether finished or unfinished, these shelters offer the backdrop for several adventures, allowing your children to make memories in their hideaway. Let's delve further into creating a shed that meets your needs and adds a touch of personal taste to your outdoor environment.

Cost Break Down of Building a Garden Shed

Let's explore the nitty-gritty of shed prices, ensuring your vision aligns with your budget. After all, knowing the financial factors is critical to making your dream become a reality.

1. Shed Prices by Material

You've decided on the function of your shed—now let's speak about materials. Sheds are made mostly of wood, resin (plastic), and metal. Each material has its own set of costs,  allowing you to build your shed to your specific needs and budget.

Low Maintenance Resin Shed

Resin sheds, frequently available in kits, are a low-maintenance choice. They are solid and lightweight, but their sizes, styles, and colors are limited.

  • Customization is limited
  • They sometimes need more floors if you choose a bespoke construction, which raises the price.

However, if simplicity and ease of upkeep are essential to you, a resin shed might be the ideal solution.

Durable Metal Shed

Metal shelters, which are usually available in kits, can be shaky. On the other hand, a metal shed with a wooden structure provides stability and customization options. The advantage of having a wood frame is the option to adjust the size, giving you more freedom in the proportions of your shed.

Wooden Shed

The most popular custom-built variety is a wood shed.

  • They are available in virtually limitless forms and varieties and may be covered outside with any siding to make them more weather-resistant.
  • They can have concrete or wood flooring and any roofing.

Hardwood might be more expensive to maintain if you choose hardwood floors and cladding since they must be protected from the weather and painted or stained regularly. The typical cost to build a shed in Canada may range from $960 to $4800, depending on the materials you pick and if you engage a professional to handle this restoration task.

Wood costs $600-$4800, or $12-48 per square foot.

The metal cost is  $600-2,400, or $9-36 per square foot.

For Resin, the cost is $720-7200 or $14-54 per square foot.

Remember that these prices do not include the materials required for flooring, doors, and other material expenses such as nails, screws, and trim. Also, this cost does not include the power and labor fees, so keep these costs in mind while making a budget.

2. Shed Prices by Size

Another critical factor that significantly impacts the financial dynamics of your shed is its size. Whether you want a comfortable storage area or a versatile hideaway, the size of your shed affects your practicality and affordability. The most common shed size in Canada is  10'x8'. This size provides the right balance, providing adequate capacity for everyday storage needs (think garden tools, bicycles, and lawnmowers).

As you decide on the size to build your garden shed, ask yourself

  • What will you store inside your shed? Is it only for tools, or do you want it to serve numerous purposes?
  • Consider not only storage space but also walking space.

A shed is more than simply a storage container; it's an extension of your home, and the correct size ensures it smoothly matches your demands. Each component contributes to the final cost, from foundation materials to roofing components.

Here's a rundown

  • Building Materials
  • Flooring, such as rim and floor joists or concrete blocks
  • Materials for Floor Covering (Treated Plywood)
  • Wall Framing and Finishing
  • Door(s) and Door Hardware Extra Framing
  • OSB or Plywood Roof Framing/Sheathing
  • Roofing materials (shingles)
  • Trim, Nails, and Screws Materials

Keep in mind that the purchase of these things is not a one-time expense. They multiply when they are used in the construction of the shed. So, while you crunch the numbers to build your ideal shed, remember its size and the tiny features that make it come to life.

3. Shed Prices by Style

Aside from utility, the style of your shed is the secret ingredient that elevates it from a simple storage place to a delightful extension of your house. While there are no hard and fast rules, studying these styles might give some inspiration. And, if you're looking for additional inspiration and styles, check out our Backyard Escape Shed Collections.

Gable Style

Gable style blends in with various residences, adding a modern touch to your garden. The gable shed is a flexible solution that smoothly integrates utility with modern aesthetics. It is known for its simplicity, ease of building or installation, and cost-effectiveness.

Gambrel Style

The gambrel form, slightly bigger than its generations, provides storage and plenty of overhead space. It's a practical option with a timeless elegance, ideal for people looking for a shed with a traditional feel.

Saltbox Style

With its wide front and roof overhang, this design exudes elegance. It's more than simply a shed; it's a focal point in your yard, combining utility with a subtle elegance that sets it distinct.

Lean-to-Style Style

If you value simplicity and want to build a garden shed, the lean-to-shed is the way to go. This tiny type is typically placed directly next to your house or fence and has the shortest installation time. It's a simple, low-cost alternative that emphasizes functionality without compromising looks.

Should I buy a shed kit or build one from scratch? Which is Cheaper

Choosing between a prefab shed kit and building from scratch can be overwhelming when you want to build a shed. There is no one-size-fits-all solution since the cost comparison is complicated, reflecting the variety of shed possibilities. In general, prefab shed kits frequently tip the scales in favor of affordability. These kits include pre-cut parts and detailed instructions, making assembly easy. While the initial cost may be cheaper, it is critical to evaluate the long-term implications.

The Deciding Factor: Quality vs. Budget

The root of the problem is your priorities. If you are on a tight budget and value convenience, a prefab shed kit may be the way to go. However, starting from scratch may be the best option if you're ready to put in the time and effort to build a shed. Now that you're on the verge of transforming your outside environment consider the Backyard Escape Studio for your shed requirements.

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