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How Long Does It Take to Build a Shed from Scratch | Backyard Escape Studio

October 24, 2023

A shed in your backyard is nothing short of an absolute blessing. Whether its for storage or for your favourite pastime, sheds are very practical and allow you to essentially escape into your world for a few hours at a time. Use it as your studio, use it as your model train depot, the possibilities are endless with a backyard shed. Which brings us to the question: how long does it take to build a shed from scratch? Is it a quick assembly job or will it take considerable time? Let’s take a look at the time that can elapse during this process. 

The important thing to note here is that unlike the olden, olden days, when you had to go to the lumberyard and get planks to construct an entire shed or treehouse from scratch, it just isn’t the case now, especially with sheds. Even if you get the panels for the shed, building it from scratch will mean assembling the panels and hooking up the shed to any connections (power, water etc) if required. As such, you can probably guess how long it would take to build a shed from scratch. 

Let’s get into the details. 

How long does it take to build a shed from scratch?

Since we’re talking about ‘from scratch’, let's get rid of the prefabricated panels of a shed and dive straight into the do-it-yourself (DIY) style of building a shed from scratch. Which means that instead of using panels that you just need to assemble like a giant jigsaw puzzle, you actually build it from the elements. And here is where the factors come in. The factors that will determine how long it takes to build a shed from scratch. 

Factors affecting the duration of the build

Here is a breakdown of the factors that will dictate the time that it will take you to build a shed from scratch. 


Size is a factor that is primary in determining the time it will take you to build a shed. A small shed is obviously much easier to build, even out of wooden planks or fiberglass panels than a large shed. And since we’re talking about building once from scratch, you can pretty much guess how long it is going to take if the shed size exceeds a certain limit. Of course, you can always have help with you in building the shed, however, that too is dependent on the next factor. 

Experience of the personnel

Since this is a DIY job, you will have little or no experience in building sheds, and while it is easy building a shed, even from scratch, there is a reason why you need experienced people on hand to guide you through the process of putting the shed together. Because experienced people know what tools to use, how to quickly assemble and start bolting the panels together and what techniques you need to knock it out of the park in a couple of hours. Therefore, be mindful of this ‘experience gap’ when you set out to build your own shed and don’t get worried if it takes a little too long. 


One of the easiest DIY shed jobs you will have is a simple storage shed, which is essentially putting together four walls and a roof together and fixing it on the ground to create a storage shed. Plug in some lights and that shed is done. However, complexity is another factor that can either lengthen the time of the job or can shorten it. Try building a studio shed and you will have a very complex build at your hands, which will include many shelves, storage cubbies and drawers, electrical outlets and many more. This increase in complexity will further increase the time required to put together the shed. 


Materials do affect the time required to build a shed from scratch. Woodwork generally takes more time, since sawing, milling and polishing can take up a lot of time. To shave off days off your build time, you can always go with prefabricated panels made from fiberglass or other materials. Similarly, putting the finishing touches on the shed will also take time, and again, materials will matter; wood will take longer than prefabricated panels for obvious reasons. 

So how long will it take to build a shed from scratch?

On average, a small build with less complexity will take around a day or two, so, this is something that can be done with your mates around the house over the weekend. Take it up a notch and if you have a large backyard studio shed that requires a lot of electrical and other installations, the building process alone could take several days or even weeks. Since factors vary from build to build, depending on your shed size and complexity, do clear your schedule for atleast a week to build for yourself the ultimate shed in your backyard. 

Is building a shed cheaper than buying one?

But what if, to save both time and money, you could just order one with your specifications and just plunked it down in your backyard? Well, that can be done, and with companies and services like Backyard Escape Studios, it's definitely the better option: simply buy one and have it delivered to your house, all ready. You won't ever mess up your hands again working on building your shed, you will have a lot of free time to enjoy your new shed but most of all, you will have a quality-built shed with zero compromises and an obsessive fixation for details. 

To simply answer the question, no building a shed is not cheaper than buying something that is prefabricated or premade. Especially when it comes to bigger sheds or studio sheds for your backyard. The cost of prefabricated panels is nearly the same as a completely built and assembled one, and for all that effort and time you put in the shed, you will still have some nicks and imperfections throughout your hand-built shed. 

Whereas if you get a premade shed, whether small or studio, you will enjoy excellent build quality and an impeccable attention to detail, and you will be able to enjoy and relax in your new shed. So, while you might save a couple of bucks by building your own shed, you can always trust an excellent company like Backyard Escape Studios to do what it does best and provide you with a shed that is perfectly made and tailored to your requirements. 

Built to a higher standard: Backyard Escape Studios

Sheds: the better the build quality, the better time spent in it. Whether you want one for storage, or as an office, or even as a proper studio complete with everything related to your favourite pastime, the first thing that is imperative is quality. And at Backyard Escape Studios, quality is what is paramount. Backyard Escape Studios offers custom built modern studio and garden sheds, more like suites, that are multipurpose and can be used for whatever you want them to be: as a home office or even as a gym for all the body perfectionists out there. Since Backyard Escape Studios makes sheds that are fully insulated, you won’t ever feel the need to pop your heater in there, but if it comes to it, there are climate control upgrades available that will take your shed a couple notches upwards. 

What about simple storage sheds? Well, Backyard Escape Studios has that covered too. Discover their range of incredible storage shed options that are geared to maximise space and accessibility, so that whatever you store in it can always be easily reached. It can also be used as a pool cabana, so fancy touches are something that Backyard Escape Studios is well-versed with. 

Why not check out Backyard Escape Studios and elevate your backyard shed; from a utilitarian space to a complete solution that has it all: geared for your requirements, whether it's luxury and comfort you want or just plain old space. Backyard Escape Studios has it all. 

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