How to Move a Shed: A Guide for Easy Shed Relocation

April 18, 2024

If you, like any other Canadian, can’t imagine living without your ideal shed in the backyard, you may want to consider relocating it to your new location. But, for those who have never attempted the task before, the whole idea of relocating a shed might be a lot to take in. Worry not, though; we are here to help. This blog post will explain each step of relocating a shed so that everything goes smoothly from start to finish.

How Do You Move a Storage Shed? A Step-by-Step Guide

Prep Yourself

Relocating a shed is not always possible. If this is the case, nothing changes, even if you want to relocate inside the same backyard to a different spot. Anyhow, if the relocation is possible, you must first gather all the essential supplies and tools to make the relocation process easy. Also, be mindful of the relocation costs and, in some cases, the risks of damages. 

Assess the Shed and Route

Before planning your move, examine your shed to see if it can move. Try pulling and pushing it to see if it moves. It would be wise to understand if the shed can withstand the strains of the move. If you feel like the shed can't resist the pressure, dismantle it and put it back together again in the new spot. Furthermore, examine your route to the new location. Look for obstacles like polls or long trees, as they may become a big challenge if you encounter them during transport.

Empty the Shed

Take out all materials inside the shed to reduce its weight to a minimum. Removing all stored goods from the shed ensures your products are safe and will not break during transit. Also, relocating your shed will be a breeze with an empty shed and extra space to work. However, remember that an empty shed can still weigh much more than you think. Although it may not appear heavy, moving alone without anyone's help can be difficult. Hence, it is best to ask your loved ones for help to guarantee a smooth relocation of your shed. 

Lift the Shed

To lift a shed, you must first remove it from the ground since most sheds are firmly attached to the ground. To access the shed from underneath, make holes in the ground with the shovel and place a jack to lift it. Repeat the practice for each corner until every spot is half a foot deep. After you've elevated the shed, push whatever you're using for transport under it. You may also use additional materials like skids to place underneath the shed to distribute the weight equally. 

Prepare the New Location

To avoid delays or problems in setting it up in the new location, ensure clear access before moving your shed. You will have difficulty relocating the shed and fixing it to the new spot if the ground is uneven, the grass is tall, or other obstacles exist. To avoid all such issues, prepare the place for the shed by making it even, cutting grass, and removing any other obstacles.

Move the Shed

If you are relocating a shed by yourself, the safest thing to do is to use rolling pipes. Place these pipes about four or three apart and slide them underneath the shed. Then, with the poles set up, roll the shed onto the pipes with one person pushing from behind and another supporting it from the front. Please do not rush! Make sure you stay vigilant for any unforeseen obstacles. If the shed isn't getting onto the pipes, don't force it; back off and try to check for what is going wrong.


Once you move your shed onto the rolling pipes, the next step is to load it onto the vehicle and drive it carefully to the new location. Secure the shed to the vehicle using straps or ties. Ensure you've locked all the doors and windows of the shed to avoid any damage. Once you get to the new location, carefully unload the shed. Look carefully for any chances of wear and tear that may have occurred during shipping. If everything looks fine, fix the shed to the new designated place.

Reset at the New Location

Now that the shed is in its new spot, you can set it up and add any finishing touches. If you have removed anything, like hooks, shelves, or windows, reattach them. Place all the shed's stuff back inside and give it a good once-over to ensure it is in good shape and ready to use.

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If you think of shed moving as an easy task, please think twice. And if you don’t plan ahead, trust me, relocating a shed may come with endless disappointments, concerns, and last-minute setbacks. But don’t fret. With the correct equipment, know-how, and willingness to put in the time and effort, you can make the shed moving process a breeze. Moving your shed to a new location is not as challenging as everyone thinks, only if you follow these instructions carefully and don't rush. 

If all of this seems too much, you can always buy a brand-new, aesthetically pleasing shed or studio at Backyard Escape Studios. While moving a shed may involve risks like breakage or wear and tear, buying new ones at Backyard Escape Studios allows you to invest in brand-new sheds that blend with your home’s vibe without spending hundreds of dollars on relocation and wear and tear!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I move my shed myself?

Moving a shed by yourself is certainly doable, but you'll need at least one person to help you move around the shed. Getting help from someone makes the operation much safer and more accessible because the task involves carrying heavy structures and keeping the stuff inside. 

Can I relocate a shed without taking it apart?

Yes, you can relocate a shed without dismantling it. A shed can easily be relocated with jacks and rollers, provided there is a freeway, and the shed is not too heavy. Moving a shed with rollers is only an option to consider if your shed is in decent shape and you won't be relocating it very far.

Is shed moving an easy task?

No shed moving is nowhere near an easy task you should attempt alone. Since the shed is heavy, we advise you to seek help! Relocating a shed requires the strength and stamina of at least three people, depending on the size, so you can do this task single-handedly.

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