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Modern Garden Shed

March 22, 2021

A Garden Shed to die for!

Are you in the unfortunate position where your garden shed is more like a pigsty than a beacon of homely warmth, or even if your current garden shed is looking a little worse for wear, then this article is for you. You see; the right outbuildings in your garden have the ability to transform your space from dreary to deluxe… all it takes is a little know-how and the help of Backyard Escape Studios!

When it comes to the garden, everyone wants to look out of their window and see that their garden sheds are not only strong and stable – but also clean and elegant. Nobody wants to have to look at an aging, rotting monstrosity every day… especially a potentially unsafe one. If you have little ones running around then don’t take the chance. Have a much safer outdoor studio installed and put the old garden shed on the dump.

Upgrade your Garden Shed

Upgrade your shed to something that little bit more spectacular than your average greenhouse. An outbuilding should be refined, it should not only be well built from high-quality materials and have a solid foundation – but it should also look good. You want a garden structure that you can be proud of, a studio or pool house that the neighbors sneak peeks through the windows of when you aren’t home. You want something you can show off… or maybe just something that makes your garden look great.

Garden sheds aren’t just a place to store tools. They are playhouses, places to change your clothes, offices and official small business addresses. They are places your kids can keep their bikes safely and securely, without the worry of theft. They can be converted to gym’s and games rooms, they can house a hot tub or they can be devoted to a specific hobby. Garden sheds are great, there’s just so much you can do with them!

As well as the multiple uses any garden building has, they also provide a focal point for any garden. A well built and elegant shed will become a way to apply a theme, enhance the elegance of a naturally beautiful area or modernize a garden that needs a little pep. A good garden shed will be made from only the finest materials available to hand, will provide you with everything you could ever want in an outdoor structure and might just be exactly the thing your garden needs to give it that unique, contemporary feel.

Choosing your shed

When choosing any garden shed you should first consider which aspects you personally find the most important. Clean lines and sleek, elegant finishes are important for those seeking a more sophisticated finish to their space, while formal and eye-catching might more suit those who want an office space. The key thing to realize at this juncture is that it should be a space you can be proud of…and that it is so much more than simple storage!

The best sheds are design pieces. They are structures to be shown off proudly, to be the center of your garden, to be color matched to highlight favored areas. The best garden sheds are strong and steady, with no expense spared when it comes to the construction materials and genuine love and thought crafted into each section. The best sheds will stop people in the street and make them whisper as they walk past your garden. Most importantly; the best garden sheds don’t look like storage rooms. They look like showcase pieces that not only add value to your property but also make you want to spend time in gardens that would be average otherwise.

Things you should consider when purchasing your new centerpiece:
  • Good quality materials are chosen from reputable sources that are sustainable, wherever possible.
  • Firm foundations to prevent future structural failure – a shed’s foundation should be just as strong as a house!
  • Elegance and ingenuity, because the best designs have been created with your needs in mind and you would be surprised how many people want a Hot Tub in their garden shed!
  • Affordable prices for the best possible quality.
  • Good customer service from a company with years of experience and excellent industry contacts. An established company can get you the most value for your money and will be able to negotiate with suppliers on your behalf.
  • A support team you can trust, so you can still call them if anything goes wrong.
  • Ease of construction – does the company build it or do you? Can you?
  • Placing… As in where exactly would you like your new garden shed to be built?

Once you have considered all of these aspects you will realize that there is only one option for show-stopping quality. Very few suppliers or manufacturers out there can offer all of the above and more. Dedication, honesty, and integrity are qualities that are difficult to come by in the world of garden structure retail… but we are here to tell you that there is a company out there that you can trust.

Backyard Escape Studios

Backyard Escape Studios provide the utmost in attention to detail when it comes to your average garden shed. Any structure – be it pool house, office, studio or workspace based in your garden – can be turned into something beautiful, something your neighbors will be jealous of, and something that will last a lifetime. For the best in quality, workmanship, and design, make Backyard Escape Studios your number one choice for sheds.

With best-in-class customer service and prompt delivery, affordable prices and an aftercare team that cannot be rivaled; Backyard Escape Studios are designing and building sheds that are top of the range. They provide everything from the sleek and elegant to the functional and natural, meaning you can perk up your patio with very little fuss at all. The best garden sheds are design pieces. The best garden sheds come from Backyard Escape Studios.

Side Profile of a Modern Garden Shed in TorontoA 12 x 8 Modern Garden Shed with Muskoka Brown Pine and Charcoal SteelThe Barn Door Opening on our Essential Garden Shed
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