Ontario Landscaping Cost Guide For 2023-24(Tips for Aesthetic Backyard)

December 13, 2023

What would it cost to create an aesthetic refuge out of your garden? Your home's curb appeal and value can be increased with landscaping, but determining how much it will cost can be challenging. Many people require assistance with the unforeseen expense of landscaping. Landscaping comprises many options, mainly  Xeriscaping, hardscaping, softscaping, and maintenance.

Whether investing in landscaping to improve your existing home or getting ready to sell it, You have to be proactive. No matter how big the makeover you have in mind, the first step is calculating the average landscaping cost. This article covered all the insight you need about landscaping costs. Whether you're considering a minor renovation or a significant makeover, we'll walk you through the factors affecting the price and provide realistic expectations.

What is the Average Landscaping Cost?

The first logical step is to research the typical cost of hiring a landscaper. Unlike fixed costs, landscaping costs vary based on the size and intricacy of the garden. So, what is the solution to this pricing puzzle? Don't Worry; we've compiled data from local Canadian professionals to provide a comprehensive breakdown of typical garden landscaping costs.

  • An hourly rate cost of $130 is typical for landscapers.
  • However, the minimum hourly fee might be as low as $65 per hour for those with more limited funds.
  • On the other hand, if you're searching for a top-notch landscaper with experience and a budget of up to $195 per hour.

Understanding these hourly rates can put the landscaping expense puzzle together. It allows you to make informed decisions and align your expenditure with your desired expertise level.

What are Some Common Landscaping Projects?

Here are some common landscaping suggestions for enhancing your outdoor space. Regarding landscaping, there's no one-size-fits-all method; instead, it's a range of activities intended to raise your Backyard's overall curb appeal.

  • Creating and maintaining a lawn by adding vibrant flowers, trees, or plants
  • Installing a functional sprinkler system
  • Constructing wooden structures like decks and gazebos
  • Including lights or water elements to provide ambiance
  • Building an exquisite stone walkway
  • Putting up the complete setup to get the desired appearance

Changing your outdoor space to reflect your vision and tastes requires all these actions. Whether your goal is for lush grass or wooden structures for a cozy retreat, landscapers can make it a reality.

What Key Factors Affect Your Landscaping Cost?

1. The Size of Your Garden

 The size of your garden is the key element in determining landscaping costs. Landscapers typically charge by the hour since maintaining larger gardens takes more time and money.

  • The total cost of a little 21 x 14-foot garden can be around $1,160.
  • If your garden is larger than 26 by 20 feet, the estimated cost increases to $2,080.
  • It may cost $4,100 for a huge garden measuring 41 by 25 feet.

Knowing the correlation between garden dimensions and costs can help you act efficiently l. If you are concerned about expenses and have a large property, ask your landscaper to split the work into smaller, more doable portions.

With this method, you might improve your house in small ways to increase its appeal.

2. Added Features

If you admire art, You can implement your aesthetic vision while designing your garden. The options are plentiful, ranging from colorful flowerbeds to quaint nooks. A skilled landscaper offers various services to tailor your imaginative ideas. It goes beyond simply cutting the grass; it involves creating lovely ponds, building decking for a comfortable outdoor hideaway, or even the lush attractiveness of fake grass. The price of these services depends on your budget and the exact idea you have in mind for your garden.

Here is a breakdown of typical labor expenses to give you an idea of the range of rates for various services:

  • Installing a pond will cost about $2,500.
  • Installing a deck: around $2,500
  • Installation of Artificial Grass (10 m2): Projected cost of $6,500

3. Garden Ownership

Decide effectively what you want, including whether you'd like a professionally created flower garden or a particular space for your gardening journey. The disparity has a significant impact on project costs.

4. Costs of Softscaping

Softscaping—the mix of flowers and plants—generally takes up one-third to half of the project costs. Depending on the type of plant and the designated square area, installation charges might approximate $14 per square foot. The cost of installing sod for a 1,000-square-foot lawn can range from $420 to $1,100.

5. Xeriscaping Tips

Have you given xeriscaping any thought? This low-water landscaping design is ideal for arid regions and incorporates low-water plants, bushes, and stones. Although a 1,200-square-foot lawn might initially cost around $15,640, long-term benefits include cheap maintenance and irrigation expenditures.

6. Water & Irrigation Planning

Water is a necessary component of every landscape and requires careful planning. A tip is to Know your irrigation options before you plant. The money and effort put into planning will be repaid in the long run by the high quality of your landscape. Talk about options and associated costs with your landscaper.

What are the Benefits of Landscaping?

Enhance Energy Efficiency

In addition to its aesthetic benefits, landscaping can optimize energy use. The strategically positioned deciduous trees can act as organic barriers, keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The extra protection that trees and shrubs offer from winter winds lowers heat loss and the requirement for heating. Selecting water-saving and energy-efficient irrigation techniques, such as drip irrigation, reduces evaporation and runoff while increasing energy efficiency.

Lower Air Pollution

Not only does your garden give you inner peace, but it also acts as a natural air filter. Flowers, shrubs, and trees release oxygen into the atmosphere and absorb carbon dioxide; they enhance the air quality in your community. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, landscaping actively reduces air pollution and fosters a more hygienic and clean atmosphere.

Better Water Quality

This proactive approach enhances water quality. Controlling storm water runoff is essential to preventing flooding and water pollution in areas with heavy rain or snow. Your well-designed garden is a barrier against environmental threats and demonstrates the critical role landscaping plays in enhancing water quality.

How to Keep Landscaping Cost Minimal?

Enhancing your residence exterior doesn't have to be expensive, even though it's highly beneficial. Here are some realistic ideas to help you keep your garden makeover within your budget.

Opt DIY Approach

Consider getting your hands filthy and carrying out some tasks on your own. Trash disposal and garden maintenance are manageable do-it-yourself projects, even if they require some time. By taking on these simpler tasks, you may significantly lower personnel costs and boost the return on investment of your garden renovation.

Choose Cost-Effective Materials

Choose materials within your means to save as much money as possible. For instance, putting boulders or broken stones is more economical than artificial grass. Speak with a landscaping specialist to regulate your project's criteria and budget.

Select Plant Wisely

While plants are necessary for your garden's visual appeal, they can also impact long-term costs. Certain plants can be expensive and need ongoing maintenance. Ask a landscaping specialist for advice on low-cost, low-maintenance plant options. This ensures that your yard will be lovely without breaking the bank long-term.

Wrapping it Up

Taking ownership of your garden's design means creating a space that expresses your ideas. Whether you want to do DIY projects, with our landscaping cost guide, navigate your journey easily. If you're considering adding further elements, such as modern sheds, Backyard Escape Studio and Sheds offer a unique touch. These modern shelters are made in Ontario using prefabricated materials, offering a one-day building process, little disruption, less waste, and individualized care.

Which element of your dream garden are you most excited to implement? Share your thoughts with us.

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