Ottawa, Ontario

An Ottawa Pool Shed

October 1, 2021

Ottawa Pool Shed

Worried about getting a sunburn but still want to catch the breeze?

Want the versatility of where outdoor seating could be placed?

Need a more private space for conversation while still being able to watch the kids swim?

Or perhaps a little outdoor living room seating in the colder months is on your bucket list?

Check out this pool shed designed for our Ottawa client. 

An Upgrade in Comfort 

It’s time to put away the plastic chairs (which, we admit, are great for the rain and children), and upgrade to chairs you would be proud to invite others to sit in - chairs with cushions you don’t have to drag in and out of storage depending on the weather, and that are so comfortable you forget what time it is. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Ottawa, London, or anywhere in between, take these dreamy seats and place them inside this classy advanced pool shed. The quality of the pool shed provides shelter from the rain, wind, and hot sun, with an option of opening or closing the double barn doors. Now take a seat and enjoy good company, or settle into a good book in the middle of your very own backyard escape pool shed.

Poolside Privacy 

With this garden shed, there is always a place to escape for private conversations. If the kids are jumping in and out of the pool, the pool shed becomes that place to sit for a private conversation with the barn doors open to still allow ample sight line to the kids. Or perhaps there’s an important work call to take but a quiet, private space is needed. Look no further than the garden shed! Or maybe you need a place to retreat to quietly to recharge. With the barn doors open towards the pool, you could feel like you’re in paradise - and that’s bound to bring that needed rest and recuperation. This Ottawa client is set up for all scenarios that require a safe space to talk or escape. 

Sustainable for Years to Come

Quality is the name of the game. This 12x9 garden shed is built with premium pine, iron ore corrugated steel and trim, transom windows, and barn doors is designed to maintain its quality for years down the road. As our Ottawa client expressed,

The fit and finish are excellent, and the extra wood and stain etc., really give us peace of mind for maintaining the shed for many years to come. 

The time spent designing this perfect pool shed will be well worth it for our client to enjoy for many seasons. Why waste time imagining a backyard garden shed you wouldn’t be proud to show off over and over again? 

The shed looks amazing, and turned out exactly as we hoped.

Now it’s your time. Let’s design your perfect backyard pool shed together. 

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