Ottawa, Ontario

An Ottawa She Shed

November 12, 2021

Ottawa She Shed

Your third place. You have home and you have work, but it is important to have a third place - a space that is consistently part of your life, and is associated with bringing rest or creativity or connection or focus. A place to inspire and motivate and “fill your cup”. 

With our Ottawa client, we designed a stunning solid garden shed with the purpose of being a third space - in particular, a she shed. A third space for the ladies in the house! It is an oasis that takes no gas or a plane ticket to get there - it is just a few steps away, which means regular visits can happen. 

It is a 12x8 advanced shed with 1x12 pine shiplap stained a Kendall charcoal, and complemented with jet black corrugated steel. It is a solid looking garden shed, if we do say so ourselves! And the single inswing door is the access point to this backyard escape for our Ottawa client. 

Ladies, imagine it. Grab your favourite evening snacks and a beverage, a few close friends or a good book, and make this a regular getaway. 

Or perhaps your teenage daughter needs some extra space for herself, or for some quality mother-daughter time. 

Or maybe the garden shed is on rotation for all the introverts around to have a quiet place. 

Or maybe it is the creative space you imagined having to sketch, write, draw, paint, or play music. 

Regardless of reason, you really can’t go wrong with a she shed like this one that our Ottawa client is enjoying in their backyard. Are you ready for your own she shed in your backyard? It would be a dream to work with you to make your dreams come to life, and to give you your very own third place like this solid garden shed. 

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