6 Reasons To Build A Modern Shed Backyard Office

April 2, 2024

A shed office in the backyard is now a common sight, especially after the remote professional realized that working from home only sounded good but wasn’t a great alternative to the humble office itself. Now, the number of households who have had shed backyard offices installed has increased, and this gives rise to an interesting question that could help you choose your next modern backyard office shed from a reputed manufacturing firm like Backyard Escape Studios: what are the reasons a backyard office shed would be so beneficial for you? Well, in this blog, we’ll look at the six reasons why you should have a modern backyard office shed built.

Aside from the advantages, which are many, obviously, we’ll look at the most convincing reasons that not only the remote professional can use to justify their purchase of a modern backyard office shed, but also, will convince other professionals of the importance and the genuine benefits that such an addition to the backyard will bring into their lives. Let's get started. 

Six reasons why a modern shed backyard office makes sense!

Now, a modern backyard office shed makes sense: households aren’t the best place to start your important work, especially with kids. It certainly isn’t the place where you can continue working without distractions; there are loads of YouTube videos showing people getting interrupted by their pets, their children during meetings, and whatnot, which is why a backyard office shed generally makes sense. However, these reasons will further strengthen your case for getting one. 

Zero distractions!

The first major benefit that you can get with a backyard office shed is the most obvious one, and one that many career-minded individuals will cherish the most: no distractions at all! Working from home is good until one realizes that there is a reason why offices exist: to give a sense of work-life balance and to ensure that you ‘transition’ from your home’s relaxed demeanor to a professional demeanor characteristic of offices. Most importantly, it helps keep distractions away, and that is what makes a backyard office shed such a compelling purchase. Whether you have kids or not, pets, or even a spouse, the fact is that our homes are full of distractions that require our attention at all times. A backyard shed helps keep these distractions away and provides you with your own zone to get your work done in. 

Customize your office your way

The office décor, for some people, is way too uptight, too banal, or simply boring. There’s no crime in making a workplace fun, whether it's through the culture or if it's through the décor. The problem with a conventional office is that you are essentially stuck with whatever you have for décor. However, that is not the case with a backyard office shed; with your own backyard office shed, there are no boundaries, and no holds on how you want to customize the office. Start by painting the walls in your own way; whether it’s a Star Wars-themed office (we’d love to see one!) or a dark, bold striped one, the office décor is yours now, and there are no rules, no restrictions. This is why, a backyard office shed makes so much more sense: it will be set in a way where you’d actually like to work, and nothing is bolted to the ground. 

Improved work-life balance

In the same vein as providing a zero-distraction environment, we think that a backyard office shed is the best way to get to the optimal point of work-life balance, one where you’re not too far away from your home to respond to any emergencies and yet, you do have an actual physical space between you and the home. We like to think that with a home office shed in your backyard, you actually increase and supplement your productivity, and yet, at the same time, your proximity to the home stays close, bringing a whole new facet of work-life balance to your routine which you can then utilize to win in both sectors; whether its work, whether its life, you stay connected to both, without feeling overburdened by any single one of them, and you are able to give your best to both your work and your personal life. 

Increases your property value

Another one of the benefits you get with a backyard office shed, which isn’t necessarily related to work or life, is the fact that having a backyard office shed, or really any type of shed in your backyard, substantially increases the value of your property. If you own your property and get a backyard shed installed, regardless of whether you use it for storage, as an office shed, or as a backhouse garden shed, the property value will be increased by a lot. Certainly more than what you paid for the shed itself. This means that should property values be slumping in your area due to any reason, one way to ensure profitability and establish a good bulwark against falling property prices is to install a shed, and when you’re ready to sell your home, it will fetch you a very good price as the shed will be seen as an added utility. 

Work at your own schedule

With a backyard office shed, you can work on your own schedule. One of the undeniable benefits of remote work is that work isn’t now necessarily limited to a singular time period; it now depends on you: work is entirely up to your choosing, whether you want a really unconventional time to get your tasks done or if you prefer the regular hours to help maintain a sense of office professionalism and decorum. A backyard shed provides all that; other alternatives like coworking office spaces or shared office spaces might not be able to offer timings that cater to your requirements exactly, whereas a backyard shed office is right in your backyard; no there’s nothing stopping you from going in there at the crack of dawn and getting all your work by 11 in the morning. If anything, it’s a really productive way to get your work done. 

You still maintain a ‘commute’

Whether we like it or not, a commute is now an undeniable part of our lives. The separation of city centres from residential centers and the general urban planning in the 20th and 21st century means that a morning commute is something that every person has to face in their lives at some point. And humans have adopted it in a very unique manner; we leave our personal selves behind when we get in the car in the morning and switch to our professional selves. In the evening, when returning home, we’re our usual, personal selves. This helps separate personal and professional lives, which helps people to synchronize both lives. With a backyard office shed, even if the ‘commute’ might be a few minutes or, in some cases, a few steps, you will still be able to maintain that sense of differentiation between the personal and professional lives that will definitely help you in achieving both your personal and professional goals. 

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