Delaware, Ontario

Essential Shed in Delaware

November 12, 2021

5 Reasons For A Backyard Shed

There are a variety of reasons someone would want a backyard shed. Our client in Delaware, Ontario had the right idea with this essential garden shed. This premium pine garden shed fit their need for more backyard storage space. What about you? What are needs someone may have that a backyard shed could assist with?

  1. Seasonal Tools

Think about garden tools, snow removal equipment, kids toys, seat cushions, pool necessities, and wood for evening campfires. 

  1. Business Inventory 

Do you have a business that involves inventory that needs a special place? Rather than storing it in your home, keep it in a safe space, like a solid garden shed, and keep work and home life separate. 

  1. Optimize Organization 

An organized external space leads to a more organized internal space. Take away the stress of too much clutter, and relieve the relational stress that came with it.

  1. Parking Modes of Transportation 

Bikes, bike trailers, wagons, strollers, motorcycles, and maybe even a unicycle - they can all find their safe parking place inside a garden shed in the backyard. 

       5. Storage Bins

Easy, stackable Tupperware storage bins are great for keepsakes, seasonal clothing, and other items you do not need on a regular basis. Take them out of your basement, put them in a great looking garden shed, and open up the space in your home.

These are just five examples of why you may also need a backyard shed, and this garden shed in Delaware is only one example of what it could look like. We would love to talk to you about your needs, and design a garden shed that works for you and your space. Together, we can find a solution to allow you to live a more effective life.

12 x 8 Essential Shed with Muskoka Brown Siding and Black Steel12 x 8 Essential Shed with Swing Door and Pine SidingEssential Garden Shed Design by Backyard Escape Studios
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