Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Bike Storage Solution

May 13, 2022

Bike lanes and bike trails are infrastructure within a city that provide space for commuting, leisure riding, or cycling for exercise. It is a part of city designing that enhances lifestyle, but also how a city flows and functions. Our client values biking, but needed extra space to store their bikes that made sense within their urban context. That was when we had the privilege of working with them to build this bike shed for their backyard. 

The backyard cube shed is 9x7 with 1x6 horizontal premium tight knot pine, painted a clear coat for the most natural look, and is complimented by corrugated steel siding. The black aluminum roll up shutter door provides easy access inside the bike shed, as well as a large frame to move bikes in and out freely. This backyard cube shed is now the home to the bikes of our Toronto client, but also has space for bike tools and parts for repairs and upgrades. 

Just like car owners have to care for their car by cleaning it, filling it with gas, and bringing it to the mechanic for repairs, a bike should be treated similarly. After all, it is a form of transportation as well. A bike shed does for a bike what a garage does for a car. 

Or perhaps biking is not your normal mode of transportation, but you have a family who all has a bike, and realistically, there is not enough space in your home or garage to fit each person’s bike. A bike shed, perhaps designed like this backyard cube shed, is a perfect solution for your family that you can trust will keep all the bikes protected and well-kept to value the money that you spent on them. 

And like you value what you spend on bikes, you can trust that we value our customers with the time we spend on each design and build. You can expect a quality product made by a team who values integrity above all. So are you ready to work together on your new backyard bike shed?

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