What is the most durable type of shed?

March 1, 2024

Durability is the most important factor when it comes to sheds. Given their price point and utility, investing a certain amount in a shed only to have it rendered useless after a couple of years or due to the detrimental effects of extreme weather could be better. In fact, many people prefer durability over other aspects like designs and styles, which shows people's preference for function over form in backyard sheds. In this blog, we will discuss various types of sheds and which is the most durable one to help you purchase the right shed type as your longtime backyard fixture.

However, it is imperative to note here that the most durable type of shed is not an objective statement, as many factors affect shed durability and longevity depend on. For instance, extreme weather conditions are bound to deteriorate the condition of any shed, regardless of the material or build type. So, without any further ado, let us first understand the factors that govern the durability of a shed.

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Shed durability: the important factors

Aside from the material, various other factors affect the durability and longevity of a shed. Let us take a look at these factors to understand the relationship.


Maintenance is an essential factor in ensuring the longevity of a shed. This includes periodic wipedowns to ensure no dirt, dust grime, or other atmospheric pollutants stay on the surface of the shed. Similarly, after you get your shed delivered and installed, you can always use protective coating for wooden sheds to help them stand up to environmental debris and other pollutants. By doing so, you will be increasing the lifespan of the shed, and by ensuring timely and repeated maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of the shed considerably, up to 20 and even 25 years.

Environmental factors

There are environmental factors that can also seriously affect the longevity of a shed. For instance, humid conditions can be very detrimental to the structural integrity of both wooden and metal sheds. Excessive and persistent humidity, as some cities might have, contribute to mold growth on wooden structures, which require maintenance and coatings to help them stand up to the oppressive effects of moisture. On the other hand, rusting is familiar with metal sheds exposed to persistent humidity. While quality matters, it's only a matter of time before these sheds start having problems due to shed. Do bear in mind that environmental factors contribute heavily to the longevity of sheds, regardless of the building material.

Build quality

Build quality is another critical determinant of the robustness of a shed. By using lower-quality materials with untrustworthy durability, the resultant shed will obviously come out with a lifespan that will offer you little usability and utility. On the other hand, sheds from manufacturers like Backyard Escape Studios come with an exceptional build quality that allows even the most basic sheds to stand the test of time and give you up to two decades of reliable usability. This might mean that the shed may cost more, but the end result will be an impeccable shed.

Extreme weather conditions

Extreme weather conditions are another factor that severely limits the lifespan of a shed and may erode the materials over time. Depending on the build quality, the materials, and manufacturing considerations, sheds are designed to stand up to heat, rain, and cold weather, including hail and snow. However, extreme weather refers to conditions where the shed’s structural integrity limitations might be tested. Blizzard-like conditions are especially common in Canada, and these can accelerate the depreciation of the shed, reducing its lifespan. Similarly, extreme heatwaves may crack the surface of some sheds, reducing their longevity and affecting their usability.

Keeping these considerations in mind, let’s now look at the most resilient and durable type of shed that can negate the effects of these factors to provide you with maximum usability over a long period of time.

The most durable types of sheds

Given that materials take preference in determining how robust and long-lasting a shed can be, let's start by ranking the sheds based on their durability.

Metal sheds

The most robust and long-lasting sheds available are metal sheds. They are incredibly long-lasting, giving you incredible usability for 25 years or more, provided maintenance is done on time. They can be made out of steel or iron and boast incredible properties, including strength and environmental resistance. Metal sheds are fireproof, insect-proof, and can withstand issues like rusting or other environmental effects with adequate maintenance. From a reputed manufacturer, metal sheds will easily last you over two decades and offer impeccable usability.

Aluminium sheds

In the second place, we have an aluminum shed, which, given its environmental resilience and robust build, can last up to 20 years. Aluminum sheds can be a bit expensive; however, by factoring in their utility, robustness, and longevity, you can get much more use out of them, increasing their cost-effectiveness. However, much like every material on this list, aluminum also requires maintenance, and should ample maintenance be given, the sheds can be expected to last quite long. On the other hand, they are prone to environmental damage, which means that without maintenance or in extreme weather, you could experience issues with the shed.

Wooden sheds

Despite their aesthetic appeal and the fact that they are more customizable and come with various designs and styles, wooden sheds offer less longevity than their metal or aluminum counterparts and are, therefore, less reliable. However, that is not to say that wooden sheds are anything less than metal ones; maintenance is key for wooden sheds. The right wood type also matters greatly in robustness for sheds; red cedar wood, for example, repels insects and is a great way to insect-proof your shed. Given that untreated wood can swell in contact with water, wooden sheds usually need coatings of different sorts to make them more resilient to extreme weather. With the correct maintenance and build quality, wooden sheds can easily last up to 15 years, giving them an incredibly long life. However, after the passage of this time, the wearing out of structural components and structural cracks may start to appear, which may affect and compromise the structural integrity of the shed.

Selecting the most durable shed type

Materials in shed-building do matter, but more importantly, it’s the build quality and manufacturer you should look out for if longevity is your primary concern. A metal shed from a dubious or shady manufacturer won't last as long, and a comparable wooden shed from a well-reputed manufacturer like Backyard Escape Studios can withstand all sorts of temperature and climate extremes to provide unparalleled longevity. Therefore, it is imperative to factor in all the relevant details before purchasing a shed and prioritizing build quality and manufacturer over materials; this way, you will be able to get the best shed for yourself and get the most use out of the shed itself.

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