Steel Colours

We offer only high quality Canadian steel in a wide variety of colours. These colours can be chosen for your siding, trim pieces, and even fasteners! We want to make sure your new steel shed or studio comes out looking as clean and elegant as possible and our steel options look every bit as good as they perform. Nothing beats steel for longevity, if you want a structure that will last a lifetime steel is an excellent choice for siding and roofing.

We understand it can be a little difficult to visualize the colours on a computer or phone screen, so please, check out our gallery for what some of the different colours look like on finished projects, or reach out to us and we can mail you some samples to give you the exact feel, texture and colour of our steel products.

Not set on steel? We offer natural wood products like pine and cedar siding, or as another option more durable than wood, ask us about Chamclad siding products.
Our Collection of Steel Colours