Ottawa, Ontario

A Modern Shed for Ottawa

October 4, 2021

A Beautiful Modern Cedar Shed in Ottawa

Living in Canada brings about a variety of seasons, which often involves lawn mowers, garden tools, snowplows, shovels, toboggans, rakes, and leaf blowers to keep the yard and driveway in tip top shape no matter what the weather brings. But these tools take up space. How about a stylish modern garden shed to house everything?

Storage in Style

Our Ottawa client needed some extra space for storage, but after intentionally putting in effort into the design of their house, they wanted their backyard modern garden shed to be visually appealing and welcoming as well. The premium cedar brings a classy, natural look, and is complemented with bold, jet black trim, corrugated steel, and exposed rafters. The single barn door provides easy access, and a large frame to move items in and out. They really are storing in style! 

Utilizing Space Efficiently

Storage sheds help our clients use the space they have efficiently. With a little out-of-the-box thinking, we were able to work with our Ottawa client to design a modern garden shed that would provide them the opportunity of more space. Sure, the storage shed takes up 10x8 of their backyard, but think of how much more space they will save with the storage now available to them? It is efficient, stylish, practical, and clean all at the same time. 

Premium Quality

Perhaps you also envision having what our Ottawa client now has in reality. We guarantee quality supplies, quality professionalism, and a quality experience during the design process, the build, and when you use the storage shed years later. Don’t let those necessary tools sit in a corner taking up space that is valuable to you in other ways. 

We would love to work with you to design your very own quality modern garden shed. 

10 x 8 Advanced Modern Shed with Cedar Siding10 x 8 Advanced Modern Shed with 2 windows and barn doorAdvanced Modern Shed at home in Ottawa
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