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Protect your valuables and add beauty to your backyard.

Safe, Durable, and Elegant

Backyard Escape Studios offers a wide variety of storage shed styles and security options. Whether it's a few garden tools or your expensive bikes we'll be sure to equip you with the right solution for your needs. We offer aluminum roll-up doors and optional multipoint locking when security is an issue, or sliding barn doors with extra wide openings when all you want is quick and easy access. Our units are also insulation ready if what you're looking for is climate controlled storage.
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A Custom Storage Shed in Downtown Toronto

Why Build with Backyard Escape Studios? 

  • Done in One Day
    Fully installed in just one day!
  • Custom Shed Designs
    Upgrade to an aluminum roll-up door for easy, secure access. Motorized or manual doors available.
  • Eco Friendly Paint
    High-quality steel siding that's durable, maintainence free and available in a wide array of colours.
  • Poolside Drinks
    Upgrade to multipoint locking hardware to keep your unit safe and secure.
  • Watertight Construction
    Tyvek Housewrap to fully protect your structure and all of the expensive equipment stored inside.
  • Extra Storage
    Our front walls are a full 8' high. This means more storage and a spacious interior.

Professionally Crafted Storage Sheds in Ontario

Modern Pool Shed in Mississauga
12 x 8 Cube Shed with Jet Black Steel
All Black Cube Storage Shed
Our Client in Orangeville wanted an all black storage shed with a more modern style. He used our Cube as a starting point and added a split steel section to the front wall to add a nice element of contrast. Using our Jet Black steel, pine stained with Black Beauty and black swing door he achieved an industrial yet modern look that added character to his backyard as well as secure storage for his belongings. On top of that he was able to equip his door with a keypad for ease of access for his whole family.
Custom Garden Storage in Toronto
One of our more unique storage structures was designed for a customer in The Beaches in Toronto. On paper the colour combination of the Slate Blue steel and Muskoka Brown pine made us a little unsure, but we think the finished product looks gorgeous! We were able to fit this storage unit into a very tight space and still achieve a level of finish our client was very please with. The steel door was also equipped with standard handle and a deadbolt for extra security as her neighborhood was known for shed break-ins.
Pool Shed with Poolside Bar
12 x 8 Custom Storage Shed with Slate Blue Steel
Change Room Pool Shed in Toronto
10 x 8 Cedar Bike Storage
Clear Cedar Storage Solution
Downtown Toronto is a difficult place to get around, and a difficult place to store expensive bikes safely. Our aluminum roll-ups offer a secure solution that doesn't leave you struggling to jam your expensive bike through narrow doors and other yard equipment. Our aluminum roll-ups are available either motorized or with a manual crank. The Cube design coupled with the gorgeous clear cedar, galvalume siding, and black aluminum make for a very clean and modern look. Check out our Style Guide to get some more ideas on how to mix and match our materials to get the perfect look.

Read more about this build here.
Climate Controlled Storage Shed
Our client in Ridgeville has taken his hobby farm to the next level. He uses an online store where his customers can place orders and see when they're available for pickup for maximum convenience. The only thing he was missing was a stylish, temperature controlled shed to store the orders in and keep them cool while they waited to be picked up. We offered the perfect air tight solution with a 10 x 8 Essential Shed, complete with a 3-lite swing door. You can order one insulated from us, or save some money by doing it yourself like he did!

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Pool Shed with Sliding Barn Doors
10 x 8 Climate Controlled Essential Shed
Modern Pool Shed in London Ontario
12 x 8 Essential with Cedar Siding
Stylish Beach Storage!
Our clients in Long Point wanted something bright and elegant for their waterfront property. Using our Essential model as a starting point, they upgraded to 1 x 6 Cedar siding and added some extra steel to their front wall to create a beautiful colour contrast. The light colours fit the beach aesthetic and our pressure treated subfloor gave them some piece of mind for the longevity of their shed with the inclement weather that comes with a waterfront property. All of our Barn doors are equipped with rollers and stoppers to make sure even the strongest of winds doesn't leave your belongings exposed!
Essential Bike Storage Shed
You can't go wrong with our Essential shed model when it comes to simple, elegant storage. The contrast of White Satin pine and Graphite Grey steel makes this shed a beautiful addition to our client's London backyard. The barn door features a generous 36" opening that makes loading and unloading her bicycles as easy as possible. Our roof panels are constructed to handle much more than just snow load. You could easily hang your bikes from the rafters with no worries of affecting structural integrity.

Read more about his build here.
Poolside Bar in Hamilton
10 x 8 Essential Bike Storage Shed
Extra Large Pool Shed in London Ontario
12 x 6 Essential Lean To Shed
A Minimalist Lean To Shed
This Toronto client had a very tight space to fill and wanted zero waste when it came to her storage solution. Garage break-ins were common in the area, so she opted to omit the usual 3-Lite design of our barn doors and have them as full slabs to better protect her tools and keep people from seeing inside. She chose a 1 x 12 pine shiplap siding in Muskoka Brown and Graphite Gray steel and we love the modern, minimalist feel of the finished product.

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Feeling Inspired? 

We hope you've enjoyed having a browse through some of our favourite pool sheds from our company's history. If you think you'd like to make the next step use our contact form to start the consultation process and we can start planning your build today!

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