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Modern Lean To Shed

March 22, 2021

An Otherworldly Lean to Shed!

Are you getting the most out of your garden? Is your lean to shed rusted and done for? Backyard Escape Studios design and create picture perfect lean to sheds that will make your life (or at least your garden) complete!

Your backyard should be your pride and joy. It should be a space dedicated to relaxation, to your hobbies, your family and your pets. It should be a haven, a retreat from the world, a place to recuperate from the trials and tribulations of modern day living… what it shouldn’t have is a rusted, dated, decrepit lean to shed that appears to be sliding farther and farther down the side of your house as the years progress.

Outdated and unusable garden furniture is not only a mental drain on yourself, it is also a drain on the overall property value of your house… so if you are trying to sell with a broken down old lean-to-shed attached to your home then things need to change! Likewise if you’re not selling – those old buildings are dangerous! Get it removed and replaced with a lean to shed you can depend on from Backyard Escape Studios!

A lean to shed is more than just storage!

People store lots of things in a lean to shed, but imagine a different world… Imagine a world where lean-to-sheds were finished to the same standard as the rest of your house was. Imagine a world where your lean to shed contains your utilities. Imagine a world where your lean to shed is actually another space you can use alongside your home… where it has carpeting, electricity or (dare we suggest it) wallpaper! All of these things are possible already with Backyard Escape Studios!

For those of you who are hell bent on storing spades and lawnmowers in there – that’s OK too! There’s nothing wrong with traditional, but don’t be confined by it. Broaden your horizons, use your imagination a little, and suddenly that backyard storage space becomes a whole new world of possibility!

You can use your new building to add a touch of whimsy to your yard – and to your home. Add a splash of color to the design, customize it however you like and turn that lean to shed into something that goes beyond the average. Why not make it into a playhouse for the kiddies? A yoga studio or gym for the adults or a room where your moody teenager can play his drum kit without annoying the neighbors. A lean to shed is so much more than garden storage… all it takes is a little imagination!

Why choose a lean to shed instead of a regular outbuilding?

There are plenty of reasons, but most of them are to do with space. Lots of people feel that they would love an outbuilding in their backyard but they simply don’t have the space for it. This might be to do with garden proportions or it might be because the pool and the Porsche take up too much space. Whatever size of garden you have a lean to shed can give you that extra room you have been looking for, without taking up all that prime driveway space that a regular shed would.

Another benefit of choosing the lean to shed over the regular model is the excitement and fantasy it brings to little hearts and minds. Kiddies see an oddly shaped building that has suddenly appeared ion the side of your home and their minds fill with wonder. What could it be? Where did it come from? Is that where the faeries live? If you have been thinking hard about getting a gang-hut for the grand-kids then a lean to shed is the perfect size and shape to keep tiny imaginations fueled.

A lean to shed also makes the perfect place to change for those of you who really do have the pool and no extra space. A lean to can be only a meter or so wide and as long as you like it. Put a light in it, a mirror and a rubber mat on the floor and bingo! You have yourself a teeny tiny pool house that saves your dignity and means you don’t need to spend your evening mopping the floor in the hallway.

Of course, if you really, really wanted to, you could always just keep the lawnmower in there.

Define your space with Backyard Escape Studios

Choose a lean to shed that accentuates the lines of your house, that picks out its best features and reflects them. Try to think of it as ‘make-up for your house’. If you live in an old building then go classical in style, if you live in an ultra modern condo then go with clean lines and visually pleasing corners. Choose slats of wood or have your lean to shed built out of stone – when you choose to buy a lean to shed from Backyard Escape Studios the possibilities are endless.

For a touch of the whimsical or even for a plain old lean to shed; they provide the finest quality of building materials and design to your specifications. Seriously, you can put whatever you want in there (as long as it is legal). You choose and they build and that’s just the way it is.

So go for a walk outside into your garden, have a look at that dilapidated, run down garden shed that has the potential to be so much more than it is, and make the decision to have it removed as soon as is humanly possible. Order your new lean to shed from Backyard Escape Studios and get to work creating your perfect backyard space. Stop putting it off; old buildings are dangerous and the children in your life deserve better. Get them a lean to shed they can depend on!

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