London, Ontario

A Modern Bike Storage Solution

December 1, 2021

London, Ontario has an up and coming biking culture. There are many new bike lanes to promote safe riding, and there is an ever-growing group of individuals joining the sub-culture of urban biking as a common form of transportation. With this growing passion within the city, a bike shed would be a helpful addition to be a secure place to store your bike and bike essentials. Marsha is our client in London, Ontario, and we worked with her to build a perfect bike shed for her backyard. 

This garden shed, in particular, is a 10x8 essential shed with premium pine tongue and groove board that is finished in a white satin colour. The graphite grey corrugated steel siding on this bike shed is a bold contrast to the white satin premium pine. There is a single sliding barn door that gives a wide opening to bring bikes in and out easily. And the orange bike out front? Well, it is a nice accessory to finish off the bike shed! 

Just imagine a perfect summer day, and hopping on your bike for a stroll into town. Take a stop at the market for some fresh produce, and the local coffee shop for a cup of java. The birds are chirping, the breeze is just right, and you are soaking in all the city has to offer. Then, once home, slide open the barn door and have confidence that your bike will be safely housed inside the bike shed until next time. The garden shed is not just for storage, but is the provider of experience. 

Perhaps your family shares your passion for biking or you have a larger collection to yourself. Our sheds have a very sturdy construction, which allows for many bike rack configurations. Hang them from the ceiling, or the wall. Our structure will handle whatever weight you require without compromise.

Are you part of the up and coming biking subculture in London? Or in the city you live in? Let us work with you to build a quality-made bike shed for your backyard so you can have a space to put your bike and biking accessories at the end of each day. 

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