Benefits of a Cedar Studio

January 17, 2024

A studio shed provides many benefits, so they are popular enough to be a part of many households. One of the major determinants of how good a shed can be is judging the material used throughout the construction. Wood is a great option beyond your ordinary fiberglass or composite panels, providing an earthy, natural feeling and making for some incredible designs and concepts. And with the different types of woods available for building sheds, you can customize almost every aspect of your shed and make it your own. Today, we’ll be looking at cedar studio sheds and what they bring to the table in terms of uniqueness and benefits. 

If you didn’t know, they make backyard sheds out of cedar wood. Cedar wood is a popular wood type with a distinct color, feel, and scent. The latter is particularly recognizable; the cedar wood scent is extremely popular as a car air freshener and provides a faint hint of freshness. It is also an aesthetically pleasing color, making a cedar studio the perfect choice for a backyard shed. 

Let’s first look briefly at cedar studio sheds, and then we’ll move on to the many benefits they have and why you should consider getting a cedar studio shed. 

Cedar studio sheds

Out of the usual and most common wood types used for building backyard sheds, cedar occupies a special spot. This is because cedar boasts some incredible advantages over woods like oak and fir. Let’s look at what makes cedar such a prized wood for studio sheds. 

  • Natural insect-resistant: When many think of wood, their first reservation is termites. And other insects, naturally. Wood attracts these insects, and making an entire structure out of it can cause serious problems, especially where cicadas may be a problem. Enter cedar. Cedar is insect resistant, and its scent means that insects tend to avoid it entirely, making it a very promising substitute for other wood types to construct a shed out of. 
  • Pleasant scent: Cedar is well-known for having a pleasant scent that radiates and fills a space with an earthy, natural musk. Imagine using this wood to construct an entire shed, and you will be wafting in peace with this pleasant scent everywhere. 

The many benefits of cedar studio sheds

A cedar studio shed comes with a bevy of benefits. Let’s examine them and understand what makes them lucrative materials for studio sheds. 


Your studio shed in your backyard will be exposed to all sorts of weather conditions and other elements of nature. Therefore, the shed and its materials must be incredibly robust to withstand all these factors. Cedar is a naturally robust wood that thrives in damp climates and can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Moreover, cedar does not shrink, warp, decay, or swell in blizzard-like conditions, making it an even more feasible option for your studio shed. Cedar, therefore, is the perfect wood for your studio shed. 

Environment friendly

Cedar is popular as a sustainable resource; cedar poses no such issue, unlike other woods, which may have problems with repopulation or regrowing or entirely synthetic materials whose synthetization may adversely affect the environment. In fact, the western red cedar is known as the ultimate alternative for construction; aside from its sturdiness and robustness, it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions and is carbon neutral, according to extensive research. It also scored very highly on its impact criteria for global warming potential, meaning it is one of the best wood and energy sources. 


With wood like cedar, many people worry about durability and maintenance, wrongfully assuming that the maintenance for such a delicate wood type will be extensive. But you’d be surprised to know just how little maintenance cedar requires. Cedar is naturally robust and can withstand extreme weather conditions, but it also does not experience extensive warping and cracking, as other wood types might do. Treated and stained cedar wood requires more than average maintenance to keep its unique and beautiful look. Untreated cedar is fine with minimal maintenance; just a thorough cleaning once or twice every year, and you can expect it to last long and not give you any problems at all. 

Aesthetic appeal

As explained, cedar has an aesthetic appeal, unlike any other wood type. First off are the colors, which are very pretty and are unlike any other wood type. Two of the most common cedar types, white and red, both boast red and pink undertones, respectively. And since these can be further accentuated with a simple clear coat, the possibilities for making your shed look like something out of a ‘Home Magazine’ best section are endless. What’s more, as the wood ages, beautiful streaks of yellow and red will appear on the wood, making it an even more beautiful sight. The aesthetic appeal is why many people prefer cedar studio sheds. 

Sound cushioning

Sheds require a certain level of sound cushioning, and many HOAs or homeowner associations will require active noise reduction measures if you have a music setup installed in your backyard shed. It just so happens that cedar is a porous wood, which makes it able to absorb sound waves. This helps explain why cedar wood is used for sound deadening in home interiors; it is a very classy way of doing so. For both keeping inside noise from going outside or for shed offices, keeping the outside noise from the inside of the shed, cedar provides a natural noise insulation that both you and your neighbors will appreciate. 

The bottom line: why should you look into a cedar studio shed?

A cedar studio shed affords you an opportunity to get all these benefits while making use of an incredibly robust and practical space designed to cater exactly to your needs. Cedar wood sheds complement a backyard, and if you are a fan of beautiful installation gracing the household, well, you do not need to look any further for both form and function as a cedar studio shed will not only provide you with all the usability you need but can also double as a backyard fixture that looks picturesque with a pretty green yard around it. It would make for an amazing Christmas card photo with the family. 

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