Beyond the Backyard: Exploring Office Sheds as Remote Work Solutions

June 7, 2024

The office world is revolutionizing, and it's happening right in front of your eyes- in everyone's backyard! While people are swiftly shifting towards remote work, backyard structures, including sheds and studios, are quickly becoming the next big thing for work-from-home employees as they are now bringing their offices to homes. And honestly, it is not just about the office work. These backyard structures are used for meditation, painting, singing, drawing, reading books, and whatnot.  Farewell, daily commute, extra expenses, office cubicles, and monotonous routines; we are talking about the future of work. Well, you can consider this future of work. Read below to learn how office sheds are the best solutions for remote working

Office Sheds as Remote Work Solutions- the Benefits

The ease of working from home:

Working from home sure brings the peace of mind. The work-life balance that working from home brings increases the likelihood that you can attend to the things that matter most to you. You are not limited to the traditional 9 to 5 office hours sitting at your desk waiting for the time to end when you work from the office; instead, you can choose your work hours, take breaks, and schedule things the way you like at home. Working from home also means getting more time to sleep since you don't have to worry about waking up early to dress up, commute, and eat.

No more distractions:

Yes, working from home comes with distractions. Although it may sound great, most individuals have trouble completing their work while working from home. The fact that your kids cry for your attention, or you may feel like eating that favorite snack you kept in the fridge, or someone knocks at the door, and you can't help but check who it is. All of this and more- your productivity takes a dip. But the real good news is that you may establish an atmosphere free of interruptions and complete things in time while working in an office shed- away from distractions. 

Your office-your way:

Your office setting directly affects your mood and productivity. A home office should be made in a way so that you can't wait to wake up every day and rush to the space to get things done. A home office shed allows you to create a perfect office through customizations. Since the market offers millions of styles, you just have to choose a favorite one and get your office shed made the same way. 

Working in a natural environment:

Imagine working in an office shed in your backyard, with natural sunlight through the windows. There’s abundant greenery outside, and you listen to the birds chirping, making the whole scene a dream come true. 

The best part about office sheds is that they allow the natural light inside. You hardly see the light while working at an office since the windows and curtains are closed. With office sheds, making the most of the available light inside is much easier. Not only does natural light create a natural effect, but it also does wonders for mental health. 

Considerations Before Investing in Office Sheds:


While it's understandable to want to get your hands on the most beautiful office shed, seriously consider how much space you have in the backyard. There is no point in investing in a vast office shed if you hardly use it. Also, don't fall for too small sheds if you want to allocate sufficient space for your office essentials, furnishings, and other equipment.


You might not consider it in the first place, but insulation is essential, especially if you plan on using your shed all year long. Consider investing in an HVAC system and making sure to keep your shed comfortable, as you won’t be able to work productively while shivering in the cold or sweating in the heat.


If you feel sleepier rather than productive inside the office shed, you might rethink the lighting. Since it's your own office shed, you can install lighting the way your mood wants. Install dimmer switches to achieve the ideal level of light intensity. Also, let natural light in since it will keep you fresh and active.


We can’t stress enough the importance of ventilation. Not only is ventilation essential for keeping the office shed fresh, but it also keeps the indoors free of unwanted fungi and mold. 

Revolutionize Your Work From Home Setup- Buy Prefab Office Sheds at The Backyard Escape Studios

If you don't already have a shed in your backyard that you can convert into an office shed, the best bet is to buy a prefab office shed for your backyard. A prefab office shed comes with everything, so you don't have to face the headache of doing everything from scratch. Instead, the result will be a beautiful, well-built shed that effortlessly blends with your home's landscape. The best part? You will have customization options, meaning your new office shed will look just how you want it to. 

Everything is improving, and Backyard Escape Studios stays one step ahead of the curve to make your life easier. Our backyard studios and sheds are ideal for anyone needing a quiet place to get things done. Say hello to hassle-free home office shed installation and become one of our many satisfied customers who have discovered comfort within their backyard. Have a design in mind? No worries, we will make it happen. Decide to get an office shed from us to transform how you operate remotely. Contact us right away.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I turn my garden shed into an office shed?

Yes, you can easily convert your garden shed into a home office by making the following changes;

  • Installing insulation to keep the office shed warm in winter and cool in summer. 
  • Setting up power sources are added to the shed, either through electricity or solar panels.
  • Installing lighting like bulbs and lights to make the office well-lit. 
  • Bringing all the office essentials, including couches, tables, seats, desks, and more. 

What size is best for a backyard office shed?

The standard dimensions for a backyard office shed are 10 by 16 feet. If you're looking for a place to work and store your office supplies inside, an 8 by 10 shed won't have enough space. However, a 12 by 16 or 10 by 20 shed will have more than enough room for the desk, chair, couch, and other office equipment.

Which floor looks best for office sheds?

The best type of flooring for office sheds is laminate. This kind of flooring is low-maintenance, inexpensive, and gives the beautiful impression of wood. The structural component of a laminate floor is a layer of board with wood finishing, which looks like you have wooden flooring.

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