The Ideal Size For An Office Shed

March 12, 2024

A backyard office shed represents human creativity and our knack for solving problems at its finest. We’re tired of working from home, said the remote professional collectively, and in came the solution: a modern, well-equipped, comfortable, and state-of-the-art space that doubles as the office right in the backyard. Gone are the long drives and the troublesome commute to and from work, and gone are the hustle and bustle of home that interferes with work. The office shed is a versatile and amazing solution that provides an office space right in your backyard. So, now, we ask the important question: what is the ideal size for an office shed?

Now, the run-of-the-mill answer might be: well, however much space is required, that’s your ideal shed. Well, that’s technically true, but as office sheds go, it isn’t the answer people look for. So, as experts in shed-building and setting the standard for quality shed-building, here is Backyard Escape Studio’s take on the ideal size for an office shed. But first, what exactly constitutes an office shed? Let's start with the basics.

Office sheds: the particulars

For an office shed to be an office, the particulars need to mirror that of an office closely. For starters, the modern office does not have a giant computer and a giant printer in it, complete with cubicle-style décor. Instead, the modern office is personalized and minimalist, and the tech is minimal as well. Instead of your conventional desktop computer, you have a smart little notebook that does your job for you, maybe a small wireless printer that is equally minimalist, and office furniture that complements the overall look and décor. 

Working remotely, the office shed will need other things to emulate the feeling and the ambiance of an office perfectly. Since the main reason why office sheds are used is to get away from the house and focus on your work in a quiet atmosphere that helps with both your creativity and the tardy repetitiveness of the work, you will need household and office essentials both in the shed, which means that the ideal size of the office shed isn’t just determined by the furniture, the office equipment, your tech, or even the requirements around transporting the shed. 

Instead, the focus will be on the necessities, the things you require the most while in the office shed. Depending on your budget, you can go for bigger office sheds that will not only have ample space for a mini refrigerator, a relaxing zone, and your plants but should you have your favorite coworker over, will also be able to provide them with ample space. 

The ideal size for a small office shed

This means that your requirements will determine the actual metrics for your ideal shed size. For smaller sheds, the ideal size is somewhere around 8’x10′—8’x12′ (80 – 96 sq. ft.). This provides enough space for a single person and necessary office furniture and equipment, such as an office chair, a bookcase, a storage cabinet, maybe a mini refrigerator, and a couple of other smaller utilities that you would need in an office. 

These smaller sheds are perfect for an individual or a remote professional looking for an inexpensive shed that provides the utility and usability of an office shed without breaking the bank. This site will still have lots of space for add-ons that people have for later on, but it still leaves something amiss. Something that a little more space might be able to give the remote professional. 

Midsize office sheds: combining size and utility

Should a small be too small for your requirements, the ideal size for an office shed can always be increased, where you enter the midsize or medium office shed category. These start from around 112 sq. ft. and can go all the way up to 128 sq. ft.; commonly known as 8’x14 or 8’x16′, these sheds can allow more than one person to work and consider it their office. Since the size has been considerably increased as compared to the smaller sheds, think of it as the bigger version of the small shed, and the bigger version means the décor is of a bigger version itself. A bigger table, bigger fridge, maybe a small foosball table tucked in for those hard days where you just can’t catch a break. 

All of these can cost a little, but for the person looking for the ‘most bang for my buck’, the midsize office sheds are probably a good deal, considering the usability and convenience you can get out of a midsize office shed held against its cost. A conventional office can be emulated in there, and if the space is utilized correctly and strategically, a makeshift bathroom can be crammed in there, with a singular toilet, completely eliminating the need for the remote professional to go back into the house during office hours. For the people who like to go all out at such times, the next option shows why the phrase ‘go big or go home’ was coined. 

Large office sheds: bigger is always better!

The shed is big once you enter the dimensions 8’x18′ – 8’x24 (144 – 192 sq. ft.). It is big enough to be easily transported to your home and installed or assembled in the backyard. At these sizes, a small office or a really small business can be run efficiently because these sheds are more than roomy enough for more than four people. Complete with all the requisite furniture, the cabinets, the storage, the electronics, the printers, and everything included, the space can be amazing, and utilizing it efficiently will mean that you will also have lots of space later on when, for example, scaling up to add a new person, or to include more electronics, furniture or even a pool table for those days where the work is slow. 

The price point for these large office sheds is obviously high, but with an unrivaled utility and convenience factor, the price is justifiable. Besides, a large shed will allow much more versatility in practice; ideas from a small hobby corner to entire beds for power naps have come up on the internet when you search for creative shed office design ideas, and really, its creativity and utility that can do such a big shed justice. 

The bottom line

The ideal office shed size is determined by a number of factors, the paramount of which is the utility and what exactly is the remote professional looking to get out of it in terms of both storage size and for moving around a bit. Since they can't be expected to stay cooped up in a small shed at all times, walking space or space to stretch your legs every now and then is necessary; combine it with the space necessary for office equipment and requisites, and you will have an exact idea of what your ideal size for an office shed is. 

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