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Buying or Building Sheds: The Advantages and Disadvantages

January 3, 2024

Backyard sheds can be a critical addition to the house. From storage sheds designed to maximize space for your belongings to an office shed in the backyard, giving you a space to work and collaborate with your team from the ease of your house, backyard sheds can add a lot of value to your life. This is why deciding on buying or building a shed can be substantial and make all the difference. Today, we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of buying and building a shed and try to narrow down which might be the better option for you. 

Let’s look at buying a backyard shed and its advantages and disadvantages. 

Buying a backyard shed: the advantages

The first solution that most people come up with for a backyard shed is to buy one and have it installed in the backyard. That is certainly convenient, which brings us to the advantages of purchasing a shed. 


The first and most obvious advantage of buying a backyard shed is convenience. Whether it’s a simple storage shed or a complex, feature-laden office shed, simply contracting a company to do the hard work for you is always easier and more convenient. You don’t have to deal with all the crafting and construction, and the result is a professionally built shed that gets delivered to your house with the least amount of hassle. 


Building one from scratch is fine, but the end result or product might need to meet your expectations with flying colors. We’re taken back to a scene in The Simpsons where Homer moans about his DIY barbecue pit not coming out as advertised on the package, and that is the main reason why buying a backyard shed is the better option. The product you receive at the end is far better than anything a DIY job could ever pull, and that is because when you buy a backyard shed, it is constructed from scratch by professionals who know all the ins and outs of sheds. 

Saves time, effort

Aside from the convenience of simply having your backyard shed delivered to your house, the other great part is the time and effort you save. A DIY shed, considering one has weekends to work on, can take more than two to three weeks if the shed is comprehensive. On the other hand, companies like Backyard Escape Studios can craft a nifty shed at a lightning pace and deliver it to your house without any hassle, saving you a lot of time. As for the effort, one can compare a professional with a rookie, and the differences are obvious. 

Buying a backyard shed: the disadvantages

Buying a backyard shed isn’t all pros. There are also certain disadvantages of buying a backyard shed, which will be discussed in detail below. 


Much like convenience, cost is obvious here. Buying a backyard shed will cost you more than building one will, and for us, that is down to the cost of quality. When you choose to purchase one, you are paying for the high-quality materials, the impeccable craftsmanship, and the options available for your shed. However, many might buy an unfeasible option for backyard sheds for the inflated cost. 

Less personalization choice

In the case of pre-built sheds, the personalization options are really limited to just the designs and additions the manufacturer may have. While many, like Backyard Escape Studios, boast a catalog full of creative and unique designs, and the additions also come aplenty, there isn’t much that can be done in the sense of personalization. On the other hand, when crafting one yourself or doing a DIY job for a backyard shed, you are in control of the design, the add-ons, and the style you want for the shed, and you can go however you like. 

Now, we will look at building a backyard shed and its pros and cons. 

Building a backyard shed: the advantages

Many people like a do-it-yourself or DIY job, which can be very fulfilling, too, especially seeing something come to life from your efforts. Let’s look at the advantages of building a backyard shed. 

DIY is in fashion now

That might not be a good enough reason, but the facts are simple. DIY is trendy now, and while you save a lot of money by building a backyard shed at home, there is a real sense of satisfaction in doing so, which compels people to build and construct the shed by themselves. Watching something come to completion that you put your hard work and effort into is always a good feeling, which makes for a good reason to build your backyard shed. 

Unparalleled personalization

When you can build your own backyard shed, you will have a lot of control over the aspects of the shed, including size, design, style and any additions you might want. These options are usually limited when you contract a backyard shed company to build and deliver one, but that differs from building one for yourself. Every interior décor and extra option can be ticked and installed when you’re building your own shed, and any design and structural inputs you might have can be easily translated into the shed itself. 

Building a backyard shed: the disadvantages

Now, we will look at the disadvantages of building your own backyard shed. 

Lower build quality

There is a considerable difference between a professional job and an amateur job, and the glaring difference can usually be noticed in the quality of the workmanship. The shed that gets built from a DIY job will be a lot different than a professionally built shed, which will affect the shed's durability as well. This is why, when going for a comprehensive shed with many attachments and additions, like a shed office, it's better to go with a prebuilt one. 

Potentially dangerous

Construction and working with powered tools can be potentially dangerous, especially if one has no prior experience of working with such tools. Tools like power drills, nail guns, hammers, and others may constitute a health hazard when working. On the other hand, places like Backyard Escape Studios have workplaces that are safe for workers and produce efficiently manufactured sheds. 

No fallbacks!

Order and purchase a backyard shed from a reputed manufacturer; if the end product has any flaws, it can be replaced or repaired free of cost. Any major fault in the shed can be returned completely, and the amount can be refunded to you. In the case of a DIY job, there are no returns, no refunds, and no free repairs. If, during the process of building your shed, some damage occurs or some issue surfaces, you will not have the luxury of applying for a refund or a repair. Which can become troublesome and problematic if this might be your first time building something of this scale. 

The bottom line: buy a backyard shed!

If it’s not readily apparent, let us spell it out for you: buying a prefabricated shed is a better choice. You might not save any money, but the inflated costs will be going towards things that really matter, like quality, which is paramount. Aside from that, designs and styles can always be changed, and many companies now have options where a customer can easily send in their design requirements. This means that there really is no downside to buying a backyard shed, and with companies like Backyard Escape Studios, buying one will get you a much better product at an amazing price that will beat out a DIY job any day of the week. 

Backyard Escape Studios: the best backyard shed solutions

For the best backyard shed solutions, Backyard Escape Studios is here, with the most unique designs and a commitment to quality unlike any other manufacturer. Our options are plentiful: from spacious storage sheds that will maximize your storing capacity to backyard office sheds complete with intricate connections and an office-like environment, the catalog never ends, and with excellent prices, you can be sure of getting a product that is the best that money can buy. So, check out Backyard Escape Studios and get ready to be blown away by the form and function of our sheds. 

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