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Customize Your Dream Garden Studio

March 12, 2024

Garden studios are one of the best additions you can have for your backyard or for your extended lawn. This is because they provide an aspect of usability in your yard beyond just lounge chairs or plants; think of a garden studio as your personal space for whatever you want. A hobby shack, a home office, a gardening shed, or it can even double as extra space for when guests arrive, and you need some alone time away from the house (but not too far away!). The possibilities are endless with a garden studio, and you can have something that you have always wanted with a garden studio: peace and privacy! So, to design your dream garden studio and have it come out looking like an absolute dream, here are our tips that will definitely help you settle on a style for your dream garden studio. 

At Backyard Escape Studios, we specialize in bringing your dreams to life; your garden studio is just a click away! As we progress through the tips, Backyard Escape Studios (BES) provides bonafide shed-building services and prebuilt sheds with unique designs and styles that really take your normal shed up several notches. Have your dream garden studio customized and built by BES for the gold standard in shed-building. 

Customizing and building your dream garden studio: the tips

These tips will help guide you through the whole process of building and customizing your dream garden shed and will keep you in touch with the requirements of the shed as well as practical approaches that need to be kept in mind during the process. Let’s get started. 

Balance out requirements with your budget

So, before you get into the whole process of actually materializing your dream garden studio, it’s important to be realistic here, which is actually the theme of the tips. Practicality: where you need a medium-sized shed, enough for two or maybe four people, you should not skimp out and get a small one that barely fits two. On the other hand, there’s also no need to splurge; customized garden sheds cost a pretty penny, and for this, you need to balance out both requirements and your budget and, ideally, look for a meeting point in the middle where your requirements are satisfied without the shed coming out too expensive. Finding that balance will be the first step of the process for your dream garden studio, and after that, we can get to the planning stage. 

Planning the layout

The first phase of planning is to plan the actual layout of the shed. Depending on your requirements, if the shed is extensive and large, planning will need to be done considering the space, the utility, your requirements, and what you intend to get out of the shed. Most people tend to use a regular garden shed for storage purposes, and storage sheds require minimal layout planning since the space needs to be utilized. However, should you have a more elaborate usage for your garden shed, for example, for a hobby shack or for an outdoor guest house, the layout will be different and complex, which needs to be planned out beforehand and communicated to the shed builder before the building part begins. 

Planning the usability

What exactly is usability planning? Well, it is the same as essentially planning what segments of the shed you are going to use. This tip only applies to all shed types other than storage sheds; for instance, if you want a shed that can have your buddies and your music equipment for a late-night jam session, you will need to prioritize storage of musical instruments like drums, guitars, electronic equipment over actual seating or occupancy concerns. This is called planning usability, and this comes with layout planning, where you plan and decide beforehand about the placement of equipment within the shed, as well as the occupancy details. If you plan on upgrading your equipment anytime soon, be sure to factor scalability in as well. 

Choosing the best material possible

Materials are an essential part of the construction integrity and longevity of the shed. In fact, there are three major categories into which shed-building materials are divided: wood, metal, and composite elements like fiberglass, etc. All three of these materials come with their own specific set of merits and demerits; wood, for instance, has a lovely aesthetic and feel to it but can be a relatively short-lived construction since extreme weather and other environmental aspects might damage it. On the other hand, metal or steel is a good material as it is long-lasting, but metal can rust out, and customization options with metal are minimal. Many people choose to go with other synthetic and composite materials, but here’s a tip: again, decide on your material while keeping your requisites in view. 

Don’t forget practicality!

Let’s take an analogy for a second. Most people’s dream car would be a very impractical car, like a Lamborghini or another exotic with two seats and a big engine. Not much practicality, right? Well, a shed isn’t some midlife crisis purchase; it’s supposed to be a rational purchase that is governed by a need, a requirement for the household. It's not a way to feel young once again. The point is that practicality is essential with a garden studio. You do not want to be the person who spends quite a lot on the garden shed and then finds little use in it. Therefore, try to integrate and include as much practicality as is possible while designing the shed, function over form for your dream garden studio. Then, when the function has been completed, we can move on to the next tip, which relates to customization and making the garden studio shed your own. 

Delving into the world of customization

Now that the primary purpose for the shed has been achieved, which is practicality, it is time to customize it. Make it your own with your personal flair. Your material choice and size will determine how much customization is possible. For prebuilt panels that assemble into a shed, the customization options are limited and depend very much on the service provider or the manufacturer. Going with a manufacturer like Backyard Escape Studios increases your customization choices. It introduces you to a world of personalization options that allow you to build and spec out your dream garden studio as you please. Once the functionality part of the shed has been taken care of, you have free rein over the customization options and can include whatever you please in your dream garden shed. 

Making it all fit as a holistic package

Now that your garden shed is complete, stand back, and you will notice something. It will look out of place, considering that it is an entirely new addition to the backyard or the garden. This is why, once you have installed your garden shed, it will be time, for the maximum visual impact, to perform a makeover on the garden as well, allowing the shed to become the center of attention. This is entirely for aesthetic purposes, so if you want to sit this one out, you absolutely can. 

Backyard Escape Studios: we design and build your dreams!

For the gold standard in modern-designed shed solutions, Backyard Escape Studios is your answer to storage solution questions. Starting with quality, every backyard shed is built to a higher standard, which means that no matter the weather or the usage, the sheds are durable and robust enough to last you forever. In the design department, Backyard Escape Studios takes pride in offering some of the most modern and aesthetically pleasing designs, whether it's for storage sheds or work sheds, the designs are a thing to behold and set the entire backyard apart, accentuating the looks of the house itself. So, explore the wildest and the best quality sheds available right now, and pick one that suits you and your needs the best from Backyard Escape Studios. 

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