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February 29, 2024

Backyard sheds come in various designs, styles, and layouts that make them useful. Get one with the right design, and all of a sudden, your backyard will look like a picturesque scene with a lovely little shed set on top of a green backyard. However, for those times when personalization trumps all, you need to design your sheds by yourself and create something truly unique and personalized. In this blog, we’ll take you through the process of designing your shed and what things you need to keep in mind to ensure that your blog comes out looking like an absolute dream. 

Designing your own sheds is a service that not many retailers and service providers offer. In fact, if you want to design your own shed, you will not just design but then have to create it yourself, essentially starting from scratch with woodworking, paints, and whatnot. Backyard Escape Studios is among a handful of solution providers that will cater to your design and bring your vision to reality. What makes Backyard Escape Studios such a compelling partner to have for your shed? Let’s look at it right after we’re done explaining to you the tips to keep in mind when designing your shed.

Design your own shed: the things to keep in mind!

When you buy a pre-built shed, these are crafted by experts who not only know what they are doing but take into account considerations. These considerations or factors are some of the things you will need to keep in mind before you can get your design translated into reality. Let’s get started. 


The primary concern and factor that will govern how your shed will come out is its usage or purpose. You see, sheds are not just limited to storage; sure, a good majority of them are used to store all sorts of things, but that’s not all they are used for. A backyard shed is an incredibly versatile piece of construction; everything from a greenhouse to a home office can be made within those walls. So, when you set about designing the shed, foremost in your mind should be the usage of the shed is it going to be a storage shed, an office shed, or do you want your shed to be a multipurpose one and maybe store pots and plants while giving you all the usability of a greenhouse. 


Sheds are built using a number of materials, including wood, fiberglass, and other composite materials, each of which comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages. Even within the wood, the diversity and choice are incredible, and you get a lot of specific advantages and disadvantages with each one. This is why this should be consideration or factor number 2: choosing construction materials that align with your shed requirements. If it is longevity and robustness you are looking for, go with fiberglass or other composite materials, as they offer a much better lifespan than wood. On the other hand, wood has its own advantages, including some very useful features. So, before getting onto the design, factor in the material. 

Weather conditions 

Weather conditions are an essential factor in determining the design of the shed. In Canada, which is predominantly cold, special considerations are given to sheds to ensure that they are not just appropriately insulated against the cold but are also able to stand up to icy or even blizzard-like conditions, which is why, in some parts of the great white north, lean-to professionally built wooden sheds are minimal or nowhere to be found. This is because they are structurally weak and, therefore, not suitable for use in snowy conditions. On the other hand, standalone sheds made of fiberglass or other composite materials are better, as they offer better insulation and can stand up to oppressive weather, allowing the occupants to remain comfortable within the confines of the shed. 

Shed attachments 

A backyard office will require electrical connections since you will have computers, maybe a printer, and lots of electronics in there. In a similar vein, a greenhouse shed or a potting shed will require a water connection to be installed in the shed, allowing in-shed access to water for obvious reasons. These attachments are more need to be planned for beforehand; you cannot then drill holes later on for the purpose of installing a connection. Much like determining the use of the shed, the shed attachments will follow. For instance, while designing a greenhouse shed, be sure to leave ample spaces for windows, not just on the walls but on the roof as well, since greenhouse sheds and potting sheds need ample sunlight. By integrating design logic and sense, you can design an absolute dream of a shed for yourself. 

HOA/ local government requirements

Sheds are considered part of the home or the property and, therefore, are governed under the umbrella of property laws as dictated by your local chapter of the homeowner’s association or the local government, whichever one is active in your constituency. Many regions in Canada have a very strong HOA, which lays down the rules for sheds, their dimensions, their attachments, and their placement with regard to utilities like poles, electrical wiring, and others. Similarly, the local government may set a guideline for backyard sheds and will require mandatory inspections to ensure that the shed complies with their directives. So, ensure these factors for your shed design as well. 

Why get a shed from Backyard Escape Studios?

Because sheds from Backyard Escape Studios are simply built to a higher standard! When you design your sheds from Backyard Escape Studios, we take special care in ensuring that your requirements are the blueprints with which we work and bring your shed to life. Our experts carefully work each and every aspect of the shed to perfection, allowing you to get what you want, simply made better. Forget pre-built sheds, forget kits that you need to assemble once you get them: with Backyard Escape Studios, it’s all about convenience and the perfect shed in your backyard; nothing matters more to us than that. 

Built to a higher standard: sheds from Backyard Escape Studios!

For the gold standard in modern-designed shed solutions, Backyard Escape Studios is your answer to storage solution questions. Starting with the quality, each and every backyard shed is simply built to a higher standard, which means that no matter the weather or usage, the sheds are durable and robust enough to last you forever. In the design department, Backyard Escape Studios takes pride in offering some of the most modern and aesthetically pleasing designs, whether it's for storage sheds or work sheds, the designs are a thing to behold and set the entire backyard apart, accentuating the looks of the house itself. So, explore the wildest and the best quality sheds available right now, and pick one that suits you and your needs the best from Backyard Escape Studios. 

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